Secret Yard Sale?

Outside of Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan the secrets of the US military ore for sale, real cheap. The people in the military who are supposed to guard those secrets have left them on thumb drives that are stolen by the Afghani workers. Those workers are supposed to be searched when they leave but evidently that part of the physical security effort is being ignored as well. The thieves are selling those items right outside the base. I can not understand why anyone would leave these criminals alone with anything. Do they not realize that these people will take anything? I think the military should go outside, look through the stuff, and then take back what US property and fire any worker who is involved. Then the military members who were careless should be disciplined.

Shop owners at the bazaar say Afghan cleaners, garbage collectors and other workers from the base arrive each day offering purloined goods, including knives, watches, refrigerators, packets of Viagra (Author: and why do they need this in a war?) and flash memory drives taken from military laptops. The drives, smaller than a pack of chewing gum, are sold as used equipment.

I am having a hard time because the reports indicate that US secrets are being sold right under our noses and the New York Times does not appear to be involved….

Big Dog

Source: LA Times

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2 Responses to “Secret Yard Sale?”

  1. The Wayfarer says:


    Had this been a real comment you would now be reading some really witty remarks, cogent arguments, or brilliant insight.



  2. Bos'un says:

    Electronic theft, mishandling material, and not being soldier/sailor proof has been a problem in the past. One has to wonder what CID and OSI are doing if this is accurate.

    Hey sensitive information regarding Air Force One has also shown up on the Internet.