Sean Penn, Still An Idiot

With everything going on down in the Gulf one thing is certain and that is there are professionals there to help with rescues and to ensure people are taken care of. The last thing they need is for private citizens to show up and get in the way. That is just what Sean Penn did in New Orleans. Mr. Penn showed up with a boat so he could help people. Most other people are discouraged from doing this and could get arrested. Penn though, is part of the Hollywood elite so he figures the rules do not apply to him. Hell, he probably heard about how slowly the government was responding so he decided to jump in and help the poor and oppressed that Bush has neglected.

Only a few problems with the plan. Penn had his entourage in the boat which left no room for survivors. Penn must have learned from John Kerry because he took his own photographer with him. Why would he need that if the trip was purely humanitarian? It is more likely he wanted a film record of his exploits so he could stroke his ego and show the world what a great guy he is. But if Mr. Penn made an error in overloading the boat so survivors would not fit he made a larger error which should, but probably won’t, keep him from criticizing the recovery efforts of the government. Mr. Penn forgot to plug a hole in the boat and it sank. He was evidently bailing out water with a plastic cup. I wish that photographer would have gotten a bunch of pictures of that idiot bailing out water as his boat sinks to the bottom of the flood ravaged street.

I can just imagine the pathetic the former Mr. Madonna bailing at break neck speed just to sink. This should be a lesson to him and the rest of the Hollywood elite who think they know everything. Leave the real work to professionals and stick to regurgitating lines that someone else writes for you.

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