Sean Penn is Still an Anti American Idiot

Sean Penn, or should I say the former Mr. Madonna, was at an anti war protest in Oakland and he was his typical drug and alcohol induced self. Mr. Madonna and Barbara Lee, the Democrat from California who has opposed the war from day one, were talking to the anti war faithful and of course, the conversation turned to a Presidential bash-fest. Penn had this witty repartee:

“You and your smarmy pundits — and the smarmy pundits you have in your pocket — can take your war and shove it,” Penn said. “Let’s unite not only in stopping this war, but in holding this administration accountable.” SFGate

It is kind of interesting that an idiot who lives the Hollywood life would talk about smarmy. The role Penn played in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was probably about as close to his own persona than any role in which he has been cast. I guess this guy thinks that because he gets millions of dollars for reciting words that others have written, he has license to speak out on any topic. True to the Liberal form, neither Lee nor Penn offered any specific plan to get out of Iraq. Then again, no Liberal has ever had a plan, unless you consider surrender a plan.

Let me give it a try for Mr. Madonna; You and your smarmy fellow actors and the smarmy politicians you have in your circle of flaming idiots can take your anti war protest and shove it. The Eagles have gathered together to support the war and our troops and we will hold you anti American idiots accountable.

Where were you Mr. Madonna? Where were you when real men (and women) gathered in DC for the Gathering of Eagles? How come you did not show your face there and tell US how much you support the troops? I’ll bet it is because when you thought about coming face to face with real patriots you released a little pee in your pants. It is easy to garner support and act like a tough guy when you are among people who believe your stupidity but it is quite different when you have to face men and women who are much better than you.

You are free to say what you wish Mr. Madonna. This is America and the troops you claim to support and those who came before them preserved that right for you. But do us all a favor and quit saying you support the troops when we all know you don’t. As for the money that is being spent on the war and your claim it could be spent for better things; why don’t you gather a bunch of your millionaire Hollywood friends and pool your money to fix those things that you think are important? Or are they only important when other people’s money is paying the bill?

You are a disgrace and you should crawl back into your bottle and STFU.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Sean Penn is Still an Anti American Idiot”

  1. I don’t give a damn as to what the Hollywood crowd thinks. They sure as hell don’t have any influence on my vote.

    But many of the younger voters pay a lot of attention to what their favorite celebs say. I wonder just how many of the 18-30 crowd vote according to the propaganda spouted from their favorite stars.

    Now, I enjoyed Sean Penn’s performance in I Am Sam. And he did a good job in Dead Man Walking, though I’m not an opponent of capital punishment. But the rest of his work on film? Not much, IMO.

  2. bama says:

    When will the sean penn’s of America actually do someting for our military? I’ve voted dem and reb, but I always try to vote for the commander who will best serve our troops. sean needs to ask himself 1question! What can I do for my country and troops? Not what can I do to cause more harm and act as if I really give a damn! One has only to remember what he does for a living. He lives in that make believe world. He should get out of that glass house before the rocks start flying! He is associating himself with people who march under flags ,but not the American flag. And as for reports coming out of the news-these people are burning the flag, buring make believe soldiers, and hiding under mask so as not to disclose who they are. We all know who they are though-cowards! dav

  3. Virginia says:

    WhooooooooooHooooooooooooo, that was great BD. I agree. Another thing I have learn is that Texas Governor Perry signed this bill. Being a Texas Lady, I think this is a good thing.
    Governor Perry Signs Critical Self-Defense Reform Bill!
    On Tuesday, March 27, Governor Rick Perry (R) signed Senate Bill 378, NRA-supported “Castle Doctrine” legislation. Governor Perry’s signature made Texas the first state to adopt “Castle Doctrine” legislation in 2007! SB 378 will protect individuals who use force to defend themselves in their home, car and their place of business or employment, from criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits. It also states that you have no “duty to retreat” from an attack if you are in a place where you have a right to be, if you did not provoke your attacker, and if you are not engaged in criminal activity yourself.
    Please thank Governor Perry and our bill sponsors for their leadership on this issue and their support of the right to self-defense for law-abiding Texas citizens!
    Also, please thank Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) for standing up for our Second Amendment rights. Attorney General Abbott took the lead among the States in defending the individual right to keep and bear arms by submitting a brief on behalf of Texas and 12 other States opposing Washington, D.C.’s handgun-ban. Attorney General Abbott assembled the coalition of States, drafted a serious, scholarly legal brief laying out the constitutional foundation for the individual right to keep and bear arms. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit struck down Washington D.C.’s handgun ban as unconstitutional under the Second Amendment on Friday, March 9.
    Thanks to Attorney General Abbott for his leadership and initiative on this issue!