Screw The Terrorist POWs

The next time some bleeding heart cries about the treatment of terrorists being held at various prisons throughout the world tell them “screw the terrorists.” Everyone will run around and scream and cry when some homicidal maniac gets wires attached to his testicles or has a dog bark at him and the New York Times will make front page stories out of the abuse but they never hold the terrorists to the same standards.

A video posted on the Internet Wednesday in the name of an extremist group claimed to show Iraqi insurgents dragging the burning body of a U.S. pilot on the ground after the crash of an Apache helicopter.

Have we heard much about this? Has it been splashed all over the NYT with demands that the terrorists be punished for such abuse? Have we heard any of the liberals say that these people are animals and should be shot? No, and the reason is the moonbats think we need to excuse this behavior and look at things from the terrorist’s point of view. The only way I want to look at them is through a rifle scope.

Does anyone remember when we killed two Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan and the bodies were there for two days so the US burned them to prevent disease? Remember all the outcry about treating the Muslim dead disrespectfully? All the news print that incident got and how the leftist blogs tried to spin that as nasty Americans with no respect for the Taliban dead. Well where are these same moonbats when American dead have been disrespected? I think from now on when we kill them we should bulldoze them into a pile and light them up with flame throwers. And screw the rest of the world if they do not like it. I am tired of us being made out to be the bad guy and the murderers getting a pass. I say we get mean and nasty and take it to them until they lose all will to resist.

There is one moonbat who really gets upset when I say this so I will say it again, let’s make the place a glass parking lot and let Allah sort them out.

Big Dog

Source: Associated Press

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