SCREW Ray Nagin and New Orleans

Howard Dean is in New Orleans using the tragedy there to pander for votes. He is trying to get votes by pointing out the slow response of the federal government while he is ignoring the NO response of local and state government. Dean is unaware of the federal standard so he does not know that they met that goal. He is also unaware, being a liberal that the feds are not supposed to swoop in and fix everything. But I am not concerned with all that today. I note it because while Dean is there they gave that idiot Ray Nagin a chance to speak.

I have absolutely had it with Ray Nagin and his attitude. I have had it with New Orleans and their crying. They act like they are the only city to be hit by a hurricane. Well all I can say is SCREW THEM. This is what Nagin had to say yesterday:

“Television does not do justice to what has happened to this city,” Nagin said. “This country must step forward in a bigger way.” (emphasis added)

What in the name of all that is good does he mean? We need to step forward in a bigger way? Ray you stupid jackass, New Orleans has gotten more federal money than any other area hit by hurricanes. People all across this country have donated millions of dollars in cash and goods. Companies have given and given and families all across the country have taken in people who were effected by the tragedy. What do we hear from you? Was it a thank you. Hell no, it is that we have to do more. Well SCREW YOU.

I gave quite a bit to Katrina last year. My family gave a great deal in cash, clothing and other goods. I can promise this much, New Orleans will not get one more penny from me, not one more blanket not one more article of clothing. People all over gave as much as they can, some more than they can, and this racist bastard says we need to STEP FORWARD IN A BIGGER WAY! I will tell you how I would like to step forward in a bigger way. I would like to bulldoze that crap hole of a city over and fill in that great big septic tank with dirt. If they want a city they can build one on higher ground and they can do it with their own damned money.

I am more irritated than you can imagine at the unmitigated gall of that loud mouth sorry excuse for a human being. Ray Nagin is a typical liberal jackass. He expects the government at the federal level to be big brother and help with everything. The reason he needs help is that he is incompetent and incapable of doing the job. He is not a leader and in fact could not lead a group of people out of a burning building. He does have a lot of nerve though. It takes quite of nerve to completely mess up an emergency, sit on your ass and watch it and then tell the government to get of its ass because they were not there immediately. Then when you get taxpayer money that you are not entitled to, you complain that the country needs to step forward in a bigger way.

There are plenty of areas in this country with problems. Hawaii and California with all the rain. There have been wildfires throughout and what about all the tornadoes that wiped out areas. New Orleans is not the only place in this country and in the over all scheme of things it is nothing more than a little crap hole at the end of the swamps where the low lifes and dregs of society can gather and get drunk. It provides nothing to this country that anyone actually cares about except Mardi Gras and that is just another drunken, sin filled party.

Ray Nagin, SCREW YOU and SCREW New Orleans. I don’t give a damn if they ever rebuild that crap hole city or if people ever return. I will never, ever donate another damned thing to New Orleans. You are a bunch of selfish snot nosed welfare recipients who expect more welfare while criticizing so SCREW YOU.

The election results are not in but if New Orleans reelects that dumb ass Nagin they deserve what they get the next time a storm hits and the only thing I hope is the next time nothing is left so we don’t have to hear them cry for more of what they are not entitled to. Oh, and did I say SCREW Ray Nagin and New Orleans?

Source: My Way News

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2 Responses to “SCREW Ray Nagin and New Orleans”

  1. Bosun says:

    A great title and a moving article. Excellent job, Big Dog. Yep, Screw Nagin and all the other enablers along with him. R/ Bosun

  2. Jo says:

    Ditto! I believe another missed story of Katrina is how the cities that have taken on these “evacuees” have suffered. A fellow called into Hannity the other day about San Antonio taking in over 95,000 from NO and the increase in violence, gang activies, etc in that city. Doesn’t say much about the quality of people that came out of that great city does it? It rolls downhill as they say, from the top.