Schwarzenegger’s Credentials Leave a Lot to be Desired

Arnold Schwarzenegger has done a fairly decent job running the state of California. It can not be an easy task to run a state that is nothing more than a bunch of densely populated loony bins surrounded by more Mexicans than reside in Mexico. There is an article where he defends Hillary Clinton by saying that people should stop criticizing her about her vote to authorize war. I have never had a problem with her vote. I would not have had a problem if she had voted against the war. Where I have a problem is the way she distances herself from what she did. She claims to have taken a choice based on what was believed to be good intelligence but chides Bush for relying on that same information. Hillary is also unable to stand up and say “I voted for it because at the time it was the right thing to do.” Instead she allows herself a benefit no one else gets and that is to say if she knew then what she knows now she would not have done it. We would all love to be able to have that power as I am sure there are many decisions people have taken in the past they would love to be able to use what they know today in order to decide. The thing is, it is easier to say what your decision is when you are aware of the outcome.

The article has one other item that is disturbing:

Schwarzenegger, a Republican who favors abortion rights, stem-cell research, gay rights and gun control, will give a speech at the National Press Club Monday stressing the importance of centrism in American politics. The Politico

Arnold is a Democrat who is registered as a Republican. All of those views with which he agrees are part of the Religion of Liberalism. He is truly a RINO and that might play well to the dysfunctional crowd in California. The rest of us will be very happy, thank you very much, if Arnold and his views stay confined to the borders of his state.

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