Schumer Leaves Door Open For Trump Reversal On DACA

Several weeks ago President Trump indicated that he would sign whatever immigration bill assisting the illegal children (young adults under DACA) Congress sends to him. He said they were to put it together and he would sign it. This caused a lot of angst among his supporters because it sounded like he had given away the store. The Democrats and the establishment Republicans could have put together a horrible bill and Trump, if he kept to his word, would sign it.

Democrats meanwhile, have been holding the budget hostage because of the DACA issue. The very Democrats who said they would never do such a thing when Republicans did it in 2013 (though Obamacare is a budget issue and DACA is not) and those very Democrats who were talking tough on immigration not so long ago (saying all the things they now say are horrible when Republicans say them) are trying to hold the budget hostage over DACA.

Chuck Schumer, the man whose face is what results when the foreskin is removed, has been allegedly negotiating on the budget but he tied DACA to any outcome. Chuck thinks it is his duty to make sure the illegal aliens covered under the unconstitutional Obama Executive Order are cared for and that their needs come above those of the American citizens. He figured the public would back him and his band of merry thieves should a shutdown occur.

On Friday an agreement could not be reached on the budget. More accurately, the continuing resolution. You see, the budget has been ready since September but there are no votes on it because people keep playing games. Since that is the case we have had about five CRs so far. If these cretins were required to vote on the budget AND ONLY the budget we could get that out of the way and then move on to other things like immigration reform.

Instead, Chuck Schumer held the budget hostage by pushing DACA into the equation. Schumer thinks he is in the majority because he basically said here are all the things we want and we will discuss what you want later. Republicans, obviously emboldened by Mr. Trump, stood their ground and said NO. They offered a number of things and then made the promise to vote on DACA as a clean bill. Democrats balked, nothing could be worked out and the government shut down. The Democrats tried calling this the Trump shutdown but their argument was negated when they claimed Trump had been silent during the past week. The Republicans were out in front and called it the #schumershutdown and that spread like wildfire.

Liberal pundits in the media wing of the Democrat party were showing old clips of Democrats (like Schumer) saying the opposite of what they are saying now and asked hard questions about why they shut down the government. Topping this off, Mr. Trump did not close parks and other areas that are open to the public (open space) like the petulant Obama did. People saw that Democrats were putting the needs of illegal aliens over the needs of American Citizens and they were not happy. It also stuck to Democrats that they placed illegals ahead of the men and women in our military.

I guess ole Schumer must have seen some polling that he did not like because he was running around like his ass was on fire and his head was catching to get a deal. He gave in to the original deal that he had declined not three days prior and a few other items (some Obamacare tax items) were thrown in to sweeten it for Republicans all for a promise to have the DACA issue wrapped up by February 8th. The government was shut down for three days. In reality it was a half of a regular workday by the time employees went to work to sign furlough papers and shut down their offices.

Schumer had even promised that he would put in 1.6 Billion Dollars toward the wall. His base went bat guano crazy and the illegals and their front groups were madder than all get out. Their trend of sell out Schumer must have hurt ole Chuck’s ego. He has since reneged on his promise of 1.6 billion dollars. He seems to think, as I stated, that he is in charge. What I see is a man who got his rear end handed to him as he got it from both sides and since he ended up so butt hurt he took his football and went home.

Here is what should happen going forward. The Turtle, Mitch McConnell, should exercise the nuclear option and bring up the budget for the entire year (working with the House of course) and force a vote on the budget. He can find whatever parliamentary tricks will allow him to do it with 51 votes. Once that is done he can Tell Schumer he promised (actually said he intended to) to have a vote on DACA so they can introduce legislation and have their vote after McConnell ensures his caucus will vote against it. Donald Trump, meantime, can threaten to veto any DACA immigration bill that comes to him and when Schumer complains about Trump changing his mind he can be reminded that he reneged on his 1.6 billion dollar pledge.

Schumer has left the door wide open for Donald Trump to veto or otherwise reject anything he wants.

We could actually have an immigration bill. It could find a way to re-vet the DACA folks here, get rid of those who are criminals (beyond the criminality of entering illegally), limit the program to only those who previously signed up, let them stay here on some special DACA card (has to be renewed every 3 years) but bar them from becoming citizens for 25 years, deny them any public welfare or other benefits and make them have continued monitoring so if they break the law they will be jailed and/or deported. Also add on to the bill that any other person found here who had not previously signed up for DACA will be deported. Tighten up our immigration laws to allow quicker deportation and mandatory use of e-verify and top that off with funding for the wall. One more provision that reduces the number of immigrants we will allow from other countries by the number of DACA vetted and issued guest cards each year until those on the roster are completely in the system and we have ourselves one fine bill.

Again, use whatever parliamentary procedures will allow them to pass it with 51 votes, make sure the House is on board and boom, we have immigration reform, funding for a wall and a muzzle on Democrats.

The question is, will Republicans get tough. They were pretty tough last week during the budget battle but will they really be tough? They need to meet with President Trump and develop a plan to run roughshod over the Democrats.

Lord knows Harry Reid was a low life weasel but he knew how to work the system to exact his will on the opposition. We need McConnell to read from that playbook…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Schumer Leaves Door Open For Trump Reversal On DACA”

  1. Blake says:

    Right on- I am probably even more hard core- no DACA bennies unless they enlist in the military- you know- have some skin in the game with regards to loyalty to the US, and not Mexico.