Save The Best And Brightest For Last

Barack Obama and his regime spent over 600 MILLION dollars for the Obamacare exchange websites and the accompanying software that runs (ahem, tries to run) them. A Canadian company that had been fired by the Canadian government for missing deadlines was given 5 or 6 times the original contract estimate (a no bid contract at that) and about two and a half years to get things right. Millions of lines of code later and the thing is a total flop.

So Obama and his peeps have called in the best and the brightest in the tech world in order to rescue the monstrosity. There are reports that the entire thing needs to be rewritten and that people will miss deadlines for signing up.

Not to worry though, the IRS will still tax you for not having insurance.

The big question I have is why didn’t they get the best and the brightest to begin with?

It is always more difficult to step in and clean up a mess made by people who do not know what they are doing than it is to start from scratch. These best and brightest will have to step in to fix something that was written poorly and that did not work.

Once again, why didn’t they get the job to write it in the first place? Perhaps this was a political payoff to an Obama friend? It is well documented that Obama has no problem throwing billions of our hard earned dollars at the failing ventures of his friends (think solar energy companies and electric cars) so why wouldn’t that hold true here? Hell, Obama did not put it out for open bid, the very thing Democrats screamed about with regard to Halliburton.

I guess when the messiah is doing it then it is OK.

Perhaps though, Obama selected a failure of a company because he wanted the thing to fail. Obama has made it clear that he would prefer the Socialist dream of a single payer system where government pays for all health care (and rations it out) while increasing our taxes to pay for it. Obama and his Democrats have not hidden their desire to have a single payer system and Obamacare is their first step.

They passed a monstrosity that will cost a fortune. All they need is to laden it with burdensome regulations and ensure it costs too much for most people to afford and then make sure it does not work and people will be demanding action.

Once everyone starts getting socked with taxes (not penalties, ask John Roberts) for not having health care insurance, all because they could not use the flawed software, then those folks will scream. They will be burdened and demand that government step in and fix the problem (a problem government created in the first place). In steps Obama and his toadies saying the only thing to fix this is single payer.

Boom, insurance companies go out of business, taxes go up for everyone, government completely controls health care (and your lives) and many people smile as they become slaves to the government.

Liberals smile at their successful transformation to Socialism and know they will be the overlords who are exempted from the system.

It is all part of the plan. We had a chance to defund it and the RINOs blew it by caving.

So now it will take even more force to get rid of it.

Which will happen as soon as people take the advice of a member of Congress and follow the example of veterans who took control of the government and showed it who was boss.

We can do that as a people.

The question is do you have the stomach to do it?

You don’t need to be the best and the brightest to see what is going on but you need to have the ability to use your own brain…

CS Monitor
National Review
National Review with best advice from Consumer Reports

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Save The Best And Brightest For Last”

  1. Blake says:

    Barry Soetoro lied-That is plain and simple.
    I will never sign up for this socialist crap, and any irs agent stupid enough to try and come to my house will get what any snooping government running dog lackey should get- his “nine grams”, as the communists used to say.