Saudi’s Finally Recognize Terrorism?

For decades the Saudi government has given its approval to terrorism by ignoring it. Sure they pretend to be with us in the battle against terrorists and they claim to be taking an active stance against it, but they continue to condone it by looking the other way. As long as America was being attacked (but still buying oil) Saudi Arabia didn’t really care.

But now, as Obama’s pastor of 20 years would say, the chickens have come home to roost. Somali pirates have seized a Saudi oil tanker containing $100 million worth of cargo. The Saudis are not too happy about this and Prince Saud Al-Faisal said:

“Piracy, like terrorism, is a disease which is against everybody, and everybody must address it together.”

Here is a newsflash numb nuts, terrorism has existed for quite some time and it was up to everyone, including YOU, to address it. You ignored (some might say encouraged) terrorism but now that you have been the victim of an act you liken to terrorism, you want something to be done.

Your country has a navy so why don’t you deploy it to protect your ships? Why does the rest of the world have to help you now that you have finally awakened to the reality that terrorism exists? Come to think of it, why is there a piracy problem anyway? Can’t countries put enough weaponry on ships so that the crews can protect themselves?

Anyway, I don’t necessarily agree that piracy is the same as terrorism. It is a crime designed to make the criminals rich. Terrorists do things to terrorize people in order to persuade behavior or push a political or religious agenda and their behavior is not designed to enrich them.

But, since the Saudis want to label it terrorism, fine. We can call it what they like. And since they have ignored terrorism I believe we owe them the same tepid response they have given us.

Ohh, Saudi Arabia, that sure is bad. We denounce those pirates.

There, now you are on your own.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Saudi’s Finally Recognize Terrorism?”

  1. Buffoon says:

    I disagree BD, this is pure terrorism designed to disrupt the oil shipping lanes.

    The “paydays” are simply the carrot dangled to motivate the desperate actions>>> we aren’t far behind then…

    Ultimately these are actions designed to terrorize…

    I say tell those who rely on those shipping lanes (Saudis) to get their product to point “b” to hire Blackwater……

  2. Buffoon says:

    That new header sure is spiffy,,,you must know some hella talented folks :)

  3. Reason says:

    Like you I have little sympathy for the Saudi’s plight. Evidently the ship was out of the protected corridor established by American and British ships and did little to protect itself.

    I also have read that either international law or insurance prevents commercial crews from arming themselves to repel pirates. As to how accurate that is I’m not sure.