Sarah Palin Is A Fighter

Here is the latest ad from Our Country Deserves Better PAC. It is called Sarah’s a Fighter:

This is a comment one of the inclusive, diverse liberals left at the You Tube site:

Sarah Palin has 2 retarded kids right?
Well, one has down syndrome and the other one VOLUNTEERED to fight in Iraq.
How does she expect the country to get behind her when even God hates her?

How is this for pure hatred? She has two retarded kids, one with Down Syndrome and the other is a retard for joining the military to fight in Iraq. According to this (dare I say it) typical liberal twit, anyone who joins the military to defend this country is a retard. This is the attitude the left has toward our troops. This is what they think about the people who are infinitely better than they will ever be.

This is the kind of hatred I saw at all the moonbat protests in DC. This is the kind of hatred that people express when they damage property that has a McCain/Palin sign displayed. This is just pure intolerance and the person who said this is an ignorant jackass who should be severely beaten.

Then this twit is so ignorant that he suggests that Palin’s child has Down Syndrome because God hates her. No jackass, God hates you cretins who murder children in the womb. God hates you schmucks who murder the unborn and protest to save convicted murderers from the death penalty. God hates you maggots who protest the men and women of the armed forces who protect your right to say stupid things and God sure as hell hates idiots who make fun of the disabled.

If you get the urge to pick on retards start by selecting those in the Democratic Potty. Pick on Harry Reid and his boxing induced brain damage, Joe Biden and his aneurysm brain damage, Ted Kennedy and his brain cancer, and Nancy Pelosi and her Botox numbed brain.

And don’t forget to point to Barack Obama whose brain was fried by excessive use of drugs.

You want retards, look no farther than the liberals you give Lewinsky’s to.

Say what you want little twit but when you do, thank God that a member of the United States military stood guard over your freedom so that you could spew the stupidity.

Big Dog

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11 Responses to “Sarah Palin Is A Fighter”

  1. MaddMedic says:

    The turd whom said this should go to Iraq, find Sarah’s son and say this to his face.

  2. Christopher Rowland says:

    I noticed that comment on YouTube, and as someone who has Cerebral Palsy, I was deeply offended by that. Thank you, whoever you are, for standing up for those with disabilities. Bless you.

    I don’t like all of the name calling from you, however. You have shown you’re above all that. I know that commenter on YouTube started it, but still. You are better than he is.

    As a Democrat who hates abortion, and loves our military (my step-dad was in Vietnam, and my step brother-in-law is going to Afghanistan next month), I couldn’t agree with you more. As someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum, I want you to know that not all Democrats are bad.

  3. Victoria says:

    I want you to know that not all Democrats are bad.
    Then if you are out there stand up and take your party back please, please, please…..

    Big Dog, God loves those people, he just hates what they are doing. You probably know that because I know exactly how you feel.

  4. Christopher Rowland says:

    ‘Nother comment about Sarah Palin (My Gawd I love this woman, btw!).

    She just dropped 150 large into local economies buying clothes and what not. Isn’t this falling into Barry O’s redistribution of wealth thing???

    Why is the extreme left so upset about this? Isn’t this a good thing? LOL

  5. SpideyTerry says:

    “The turd whom said this should go to Iraq, find Sarah’s son and say this to his face.”

    Unlikely. That little moron clearly doesn’t have the courage to even look Sarah’s son in the eyes. He/she/it would probably wet him/her/itself at the thought of even doing that.

  6. Billy Joe says:

    I’d say she’s more of a freeloader seeing as how she and her family mooched $150,000 worth of clothing off of the RNC. And how she charges the state of Alaska a per diem for staying at her own home, and charging the state for her kids’ travel, as well. She also redistributes wealth in Alaska from oil companies, etc., which, as a Democrat, I support, but I have yet to figure out how that fits in with the ‘conservative’ ideology she – and so-called ‘Conservatives’ – so enthusiastically supports.

    It’s worth noting that she’s also an idiot with a tenuous-to-non-existent grasp on the issues. I’d even dispute the assertion that she’s a fighter given how few interviews she does with non-softball questioners, but that’s another story.

    Anyway, she’s a wingnut, through and through. Like the wingnuts of the right wing blogosphere, she’s still rolling on training wheels and probably will continue to do so given her limited mental abilities. That’s why, assuming the Dems win this upcoming election, she’ll be the Fred Thompson of 2012. A great actor but she’ll never last in Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond where she’ll be expected to deal with people in unpredictable, unscripted situations without the security of a secret service bubble.

    Don’t you guys have any real leaders or are they all made-for-teevee pretend leaders?

  7. Big Dog says:

    Billy Joe, if it is an authorized expense then it is OK with me. Michelle Obama eats lobster and the campaign recently spent nearly half a million dollars on food. Barry is charging reporters to cover election night.

    She has done more interviews in the last 30 days than Biden has. I don’t blame them for keeping him under wraps, he is the original gaffe o matic. So Palin is not a smooth talker like the seasoned DC insiders. At least she answers the questions and her answers are accurate or she says she does not know unlike Biden who made at least 10 factual errors in their debate (some were just lies).

    We have plenty of real leaders. Not like the phony messiah Obama who could not lead a group of people out of a burning building.

  8. View from Here says:

    First it was revealed (albeit in a appropriately delicate manner) that Mrs. Palin is essentially a crook, and now we learn her “hockey-mom” status is fake. I find it truly frightening that the United States could soon fall into the hands of a “maverick” who chose this individual as his running mate. If McCain wins, this election will not only lead to a constitutional crisis, but will ultimately do more harm to the reputation of the evangelical Christian movement than the seedy, Christian-oriented Dead Sea Scrolls scam put on as a purportedly scientific exhibit last year at a “natural history” museum in San Diego. See

  9. Big Dog says:

    View, I don’t know where it was revealed she was a crook or not a hockey mom. I suppose you are one of the guys who chides people for saying Obama is a Muslim (he was but is not now) but will believe anything you read about Palin.

    Don’t you find it disconcerting that we know more about Palin and Joe the Plumber in this short time than we do about the Sainted One? If the media had spent as much time on Obama as they have on these two then he would never have made it through the primaries.

  10. Billy Joe says:

    BD, you’re so gullible. Look, the NY Post – a Murdoch newspaper – had to retract their story about Michelle Obama dining on Lobster & Caviar in NYC. I believe she was in Indian when it supposedly happened:

    Where did you learn she spent $500,000 on food? From the same unimpeachable source as the lobster & caviar fairy tale?

    And you failed (as usual) to point out how redistributing wealth from oil companies to the citizens of Alaska isn’t ‘socialism'(!!!11!). In fact, you failed to defend Palin’s mooching off of Republican donors at all. What a surprise. Popular Republican family with unwed pregnant teenage daughter (that should be on Jerry Springer) mooches off of Republican donors for something as basic as clothes, mooches off the state of Alaska, lives in a nice house that was supposedly build by Todd Palin and his ‘contractor buddies’ (wink, wink) and act like they deserve every bit of it. It’s almost welfare-recipient like, if you ask me.

    If you want to find out more about Obama, may I suggest you try reading his books, visiting his website, and learning more about his record instead of mindlessly just saying ‘we don’t know anything about him!’. He was in the Illinois Senate for 8 years and has been DC for almost 4 years. There must be something out there for someone of your formidable investigative skills. Unless you’re just lazy, of course.

    So who’s the next great Republican leader, anyway? Please let it be Palin! Or Fred Thompson. They’re both hiliarious and are perfect illustrations of the low expectations Republicans have of their leaders.

  11. Big Dog says:

    Billy Joe,
    The campaign spent that money on food not MO. Read for comprehension. The hotel can confirm what she ate. I really don’t care but since you mentioned his book, he says that An American cruise ship throws out more food in a day than some people get all year (or words to the effect). Seems to me 400k would feed a lot of poor people.

    The oil companies are required to pay a portion of what they make to the people of Alaska because they are taking the resources from Alaska. The resources belong to the people of Alaska and Palin thinks the oil companies should have to pay the people (not the government) for those resources. It is like the company’s cost to drill and pump.

    I want to know why libs like to put windfall profits on oil companies when the profit margin is about 10% which is not a windfall. Also, if the market stays tanked and the oil companies lose money will the taxpayer have to pay them? If we get their profits when they do well shouldn’t we have to make up the difference if they do poorly. Maybe they should stop all the charitable work they do and all the research and say screw it.

    How is it you have such vitriol for this family. Republicans do not hate someone because they get pregnant and are unwed. Notice that they did not drive her to the murder clinic and kill the baby. People make mistakes, Republicans own up to them and Democrats become victims.

    The clothing will be donated to charity at the end of the campaign which is legal under FEC rules (and how much do you think Barry’s campaign has spent on clothing).

    You have any proof that Todd Palin did not build the house? Here is a clue, we have proof that Rezko bought part of Obama’s. Go after that story and quit following the conspiracy theories.

    Don’t delude yourself. Obama’s book, which likely was not written by him, would be him telling us about himself. Just like his fight the smear website is full of the lies that Obama wants you to believe, his book could be the same way. He was in the Illinois Senate for 8 years and voted present so how do we know where he stands except he would allow babies born after unsuccessful abortions to die and that he is anti gun. To say he has been in DC for 4 years is misleading at best. He has 143 legislative days in DC. He started campaigning after 2 years on the job.

    We only know about him what he and the media want us to know. There are others who do the investigating. I have a job, not everyone can be on welfare.