Sandy Burgler Admits Guilt and Skates

Sandy Burgler admitted in court today that he deliberately stole documents from the National Archives and that he destroyed those documents. This revelation contradicts his earlier statements that he made a mistake and that it was not deliberate. He made a deal so that he would not get jail time. This man was the National Security Adviser and he knows that what he did was wrong and he knew it when he did it. How can this man get away with no jail time and a $10,000 fine which is one tenth of what he could have gotten?

For months, he called it an honest mistake.

But on Friday, Sandy Berger (search) pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in federal court. Berger, who served as President Clinton’s national security adviser, is acknowledging that it wasn’t an honest mistake and that he intentionally took and destroyed copies of classified documents from the National Archives (search) and cut them up with scissors.

Berger acknowledged to U.S. Magistrate Deborah Robinson that he intentionally took and deliberately destroyed three copies of the same document dealing with terror threats during the 2000 millennium (search) celebration. He then lied about it to Archives staff when they told him the documents were missing.

“Guilty, your honor,” Berger responded when asked how he pleaded. Fox News

Burgler claimed that he was just trying to get ready for his 9/11 testimony. Let me tell you what actually happened. Burgler DID NOT make a mistake. A mistake is when you add incorrectly but when you deliberately break the law it is a crime, not a mistake. He was taking documents and destroying them in order to keep items that were embarrassing to the Clinton Administration from reaching the Commission. Burgler was destroying documents in order to preserve this so called “legacy” that Clinton is worried about. There were documents that showed Clinton was not as tough on terror as he wants people to believe and this information would run contrary to the lies we have been told. This information probably would have confirmed the items displayed in The Path to 9/11, the movie that all the Clintonistas got their shorts in a wad about.

Of course, these are my opinions but they make more sense than the lies we are being told. Burgler claims the originals are still in the Archives but how does anyone actually know? They should do a 100% inventory in order to account for everything. If anything relating to Clinton is missing they should lock Burgler up for the rest of his life. They should also charge Burgler for the expense of the inventory. This guy is a worthless scum and he committed an act that would have landed the average guy on the street in jail and probably on some terror watch list.

Burgler broke a law, one with which he was very familiar. He was probably working on behalf of the former criminal in chief Clinton. They should send this man to jail for the maximum amount of time and they should fine him the max. You can bet the farm that if a Republican did this he would get the max. Tell Pelosi that this is the kind of ethical dilemmas that she will face in her party, especially as long as anyone named Clinton is still around trying to clean up their messes.

I would have made him face a firing squad. I bet this judge was appointed by Clinton or Carter.

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