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This past week the Democrats held on to two governors seats that they already had. They made a big deal about it and said they were going to win big because this is a sign to come. These elections are what is in store for you. So friends, be very careful what you ask for. The city of San Francisco had a special little vote where the electorate voted to remove a Constitutional right from the citizenry. They voted to make it illegal to own a handgun or ammunition and they did so in spite of the fact the Second Amendment does not allow them to.

Be very careful boys and girls because the moonbats are out to take your rights away. Their activist judges have already taken away your rights as a property owner, your rights as a parent and now they want to take away your rights as a gun owner. I know that this is in one city but it will spread. When Howard Dean talks about taking over he means it.

I fully expect this will be overturned on court challenge but with the Circus court out there who knows? So I say that all San Franciscans who own a handgun should put their property on the market and move to a place that is friendly to the Constitution. You have until April to turn your guns in or move. Remember your history. First Hitler disarmed the Jews, then he exterminated them. A disarmed citizenry is a slave state so you have a choice to make. I say screw them. Pack up and leave. I can promise that the murder rate will not go down. The idiots there have not figured that criminals will not turn in their guns. They will wait until everyone else is disarmed and then it will be easy pickings.

While we are at it, was not San Francisco the place that voted to discourage military recruiters from talking to students at schools? I guess they feel these kids need adults with them when they make life changing decisions like joining the military. Now if California can explain why they don’t feel little girls need that same protection before they get an abortion. They feel that you need adult advice to join the military but you are OK with making the decision for an abortion on your own. I wonder what happens if the little girl is on mom and dad’s insurance. Do they have a right to know what the insurance THEY are paying for is being used for? Funny thing is the parent has no say in the choice the girl makes but if she broke the law they would be responsible for her actions.

Some people think that Bill O’Reilly was over the top with his remarks and they jumped all over him. After the last election all the jackasses like Michael Moore and all the Blue State dwellers were saying that OBL should bomb red states. No outcry over this. No outcry when Moore said that they needed to bomb the red states. O’Reilly says it about one state and there is an uproar. I don’t want our enemies to bomb any state but I will say this. If they do bomb San Fran we should not let our military go in to help and all military should refuse to go in and help. If San Fran does not want military there when all is cool then screw them when hell breaks loose.

I wonder where the ACLU is with this gun ban thing? You can bet your butt if they banned free speech or voted to allow the Ten Commandments in government buildings (which should be legal anyway) the ACLU would be all over this violation of rights. Keep it in mind, first they disarm you and then they come after you. For the gun owners who decide to keep their weapons just remember. When they come busting through the door they will have body armor on so aim for the head. A head shot is the only thing that will stop the feds when they are invading your home.

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