Sadly, No Humans Exist There

My friend Raven wrote a piece where she questioned whether a soldier who claimed PTSD actually suffered from the condition. She did not state that he did or did not, she only asked the question. Unfortunately, a group of malcontents from the website, SadlyNo, invaded her site and left vile comments. Instead of exercising any rational thought, they attacked her and called her names. I read the comments at Raven’s and was going to comment myself but the comments were closed. You know how liberals are, they attack the troops and condemn them for everything and then have this mock indignation when a conservative says anything about the troops. They do it to shelter their own loathe for the troops.

So, I went to the site that sent its mouth breathers to Ravens and I left a comment indicating that attacking a person for her views was wrong and that they should stick to attacking the argument. Of course, this set off a firestorm of stupidity with the obligatory name calling. I was civil there (except to Billy Joe who you all know from here) and I was civil because that is not my site and I am not paying the bill. This however, is my place and I can say what I want. There is a guy named Bubba who is a good argument for evolution. This guy is probably the missing link.

Billy Joe had to jump in and he made false accusations and portrayed me in an unfavorable light in order to get the attention he craves. He ridiculed my work with GOE and said that I was ready to protect a monument but not join to fight in the war on terror. This is a blatant attempt to deceive. BJ knows that I served for 24 years and I am retired from the service. However, if they called me back to active duty and I passed the physical (might be the hardest part) I would go where they sent me and be honored to do so. How dare this little chicken choking puke question me and my service to this country. I have more time in a class A uniform than he has in the service because he did not serve. He sits around with one thumb in his rectum and one in his mouth and every few minutes he switches them.

This sorry excuse for a human said that I lie in fear of Islam and wet myself. Funny, I offered to meet him and let him say this to my face and he refused. I guess his pants were too wet. That is an open offer BJ and I look forward to meeting you in person one day.

I find it interesting that these cretins would attack a person who was extremely civil but it does not surprise me. The liberals lack any original thought. They cherry pick and they try to make people believe that it is OK to do whatever they want, kill babies, smoke dope, molest children, as long as it feels good.

Billy Joe wrote his last comment here. The rest will end up in the spam bucket where they belong. I tried to give him a chance to at least be civil but for him to distort things like that at this other site so he can feel good in front of the mouth breathers is the last straw. He. like the rest, lack the ability to attack the argument.

As for the site, I tried to comment and they called me a troll so I told them I would leave. They think that they can insult me and I will come back and comment as if I need their attention. I only went there to address the Raven post and had her comments been open, would never have visited but this is how they treat people who visit them. If you do not march in lockstep like a mindless drone and do as they say, they call you a troll. Amazingly, they made a big stink about me being able to comment there but Raven closed her comments. Yes, I could comment there but they resort to name calling instead of intelligent discussion. Trolls are unwanted so if I am a troll I can stay away but the least they could do is act like human beings. I really hate these kinds of liberal retards. If they were on fire I would not piss on them to put them out.

The people at that site are what you get when they throw away the baby and keep the afterbirth.

Big Dog

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30 Responses to “Sadly, No Humans Exist There”

  1. Stix Blog says:

    I am a Bad American…

    I got this via email. It is attributed to George Carlin, but he did not right it. I don’t know who peened this little diatribe, but I like itYES, I’M A BAD AMERICANBy: George Carlin I Am Your Worst Nightmare….

  2. Perri Nelson says:

    I know what you’re talking about. There’s a leftist site that occasionally uses Ferdie’s LinkFest Haven Deluxe to trackback to sites hosting linkfests. One day the people at this site trackbacked to one of my open trackback posts.

    I have no problem with a civil discussion with liberals, and allow civil people of all political persuasions to comment on my site. I followed this person’s trackback and read their post. Since I didn’t agree with their points, I posted a comment, hoping for a civil discussion.

    I should not have bothered. The site owner was civil, but his “guests” were not. One of them was particularly vile, yet claimed to be a conservative. However when I followed links to his site, it was obvious that he had a severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome, and that there wasn’t a single “conservative” leaning post on his blog.

    Rather than calling him out on that, I simply asked him to be civil. His response was more vile than his initial attacks.

    Rather than put up with being treated that way, I pulled up stakes and have never visited the site again. I haven’t banned the original site from mine, but I now delete every trackback that they post to my site. I will not provide links to a site that treats the occasional visitor that does not toe the liberal line the way that site treated me.

    It’s a real shame that reasoned debate has to be squashed by ad-hominem attacks and bile.

  3. Schatz says:

    Well, first of all I can’t say how happy I am that Billy Troll will no longer be spewing his lies and stupidity throughout your site. He didn’t deserve to have a forum here – this is not just for conservatives but it is for people with brains!

    I do not comment often on other blogs for this exact same reason. It seems to me that when someone cannot compile a cogent, reasonable argument to support their (probably wrong) position on a particular item they like to attack the commenter personally rather than taking the time to examine their own thoughts (I guess that is the point – that few of their thoughts are their own but simply what they have been told at the coolaid counter).

    Thanks again for your honorable service to our country and good riddance to Billy Troll whose only serivce was most likely at that same coolaid counter.

  4. Raven says:

    Thanks Big Dog…Really. I closed the comments because I was WORKING- you know- that thing we do to make money…and I couldn’t keep up with it all. After I started seeing the nasty stuff, I didn’t bother. Why do it when the people you’re “debating” are being so stupid? They question my credentials, my personal integrity and work experiences- and yada yada. Not one asked me to share any of these experiences. Not one dared to ask if the man in the WaPo could possibly be a fraud…like the other man I recently wrote about who WAS (and who claimed to have the exact same thing for the media.)

    Anyhoo, thank you again friend.

  5. meatbrain says:

    “I closed the comments because I was WORKING…”

    False. You closed the comments because you are a coward who cannot conduct a fact-based discussion. You proved that long ago, Raven.

    Of course, you could always come back to my site and continue the debate you started. You could… but we both know you lack the courage to do so.

    “Not one asked me to share any of these experiences.”

    Which experiences did you ask Troy Turner to share with you before you accused him of exploitation?

    How do your “experiences” qualify you to diagnose someone based on nothing more than a newspaper article?

  6. Big Dog says:

    Well it looks like Meatbrain will be the second person banned from this site. I have been fortunate lately and he has stayed away from here. His entire line is you lie and you are a coward.

    Meaty, how can you possibly know why Raven closed the comments?

    Billy Joe left a comment, it went in the spam bin. He said they were civil and I got my ass handed to me because they visited my site and used my words against me. They might have visited but this is patently untrue. I engaged in civil debate and BJ lied, and I mean he told whoppers that are simply untrue. They were points we addressed here before. Why won’t I go to war. I am retired you twit but I would go if they called me back.

    The folks there were just not nice. I have no problem engaging in the debate but not one of them addressed what Raven said or her point, instead they called people names. I understand that is another popular lefty site. That is all well and good but, contrary to BJ’s assertions, they did not give me what I dish out here. I usually provide conversation and I cannot be responsible for what others might write but it is usually civil. BJ was treated less than that because he came here and insulted people.

    I did not cut and run, as BJ put it over there, but when people are saying that you are only a troll looking for attention, why stick around. It is not like they will give credence to what you have to say.

    Oh, BJ also told me that he would contact me when he gets to the DC area. That should be rich.

  7. Big Dog says:

    I took a look at the swine fest that they are running. They are talking badly about me and telling me to do nasty things to myself with a rusty machete. Billy Joe is over there having cyber sex with them and masturbating while talking about how I was chewed up.

    They even indicated that I would not put up a link so you all could not see how bad they gave me what for. Fact is I do not put up links to these kinds of sites. I have never linked to Billy Joe’s site though he has begged people to visit.

    They have certainly misreprsented this whole issue.

    Oh yeah, Billy Troll says he did not realize I was a male nurse and that explains why I have to “act” macho, to look tough. Let us get a few things straight, I am a nurse. We do not call them male or female just as we do not say “I have a female doctor.”

    Secondly, I went into nursing about 13 years ago. Prior to that I was a combat medic, a civilian medic and in the early part of my army career I was a mechanic. I have no problem being a nurse and I do not feel less of a man. Fact is, I make pretty good money doing this, probably more than troll sees in several years of work. I am trained in emergency medicine and occupational health and am a consultant in chemical weapons and their effects and I am trained in biological and nuclear. When was the last time Troll gave a lecture to representatives of over 130 countries on chemical agent injuries (or any topic for that matter)?

    For a group of people who are supposed to be tolerant they sure make stupid assumptions about people. Fact is, I am much mellower now than in the past. 30 years ago I would just stomp a mud puddle in your ass, now I can at least discuss things before I stomp.

    Hey Billy Joe, does your mommy know you are in the basement using her computer?

  8. Blogging Notes…

    One of my favorite bloggers celebrated her 3rd Blogging Anniversary. Say congrats to Hooah Wife….

  9. Leftovers…

    Some news from Mexico. No mention made if there was any Tabasco or Steak Sauce in the refrigerator also.

    Hat tip- “Klotz” as in “Blood”. Go check Steve’s post out, you’ll get a chuckle or two.

    MEXICO CITY — An aspiring horror novelist was …

  10. Patsy says:

    Congratulations on your decisions and may I add my concurrence/ Not that you require anyone’s input, Big Dog. You have gone way beyond the call of duty with regard to fairness and tolerance with regard to the rudeness and incivility demonstrated by BJ and others. And I am grateful for the service you performed for this great nation. Thank you sir for all you’ve done for us and the cause of freedom.

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  12. brad says:

    Big Dog?
    Please finish learning english, then return to blogging.

  13. d_nono says:

    big dog, in the thread over at sadly no, you denigrate Max Cleland’s amputations as due to “the grenade he was playing with.” We’re all grateful that you appreciate his service, but unless you’ve got proof re the cause of his injuries, then you are just a troll.

    ps for all who are too lazy to visit the other thread the machete comment BD refers to was specifically in response to BD’s grenade.

  14. The Knucklehead of the Day award…

    Today’s winner is Daiki Kameda….

  15. Big Dog says:

    Max Cleland saw a grenade on the ground and figured he had dropped it so he picked it up and it went off. Now, he was not playing, as in fooling around, but he was picking up a dangerous item that he should have gotten away from until it was deemed safe (like if it did not go off after a few minutes) and then he could have examined it to ensure the pin was in it. Instead, he picked it up and it went off.

    Depending on who you read, Max was either getting off a helicopter to go fight or decided not to get on a helicopter so he could have a few beers at the supply depot. In any event, he received his injuries by picking up a bad thing in a careless fashion.

    I still appreciate his service but the fact is, he hurt himself.

  16. ThinkingMeat says:

    Another lying, smearing wingnut…

    “Big Dog” comments at Sadly, No:

    And to clear it up, Max Cleland blew himself up when he dropped the grenade he was playing with. I appreciate his service but if you open your mouth and make comments you will get attacked whether you …

  17. Big Dog says:

    For those of you who have read Meats trackback, pay no attention to him. He calls everyone a liar. If you are interested in the Max Cleland reference you can read my comment above.

    Please do not waste your time going to his site. He is not worth talking to. He will call you a liar and demand that you answer things. I did not lie (but I have) and I am not a coward, which is the other thing he likes to call people.

    He is probably a deranged nut case who does not take his medications as directed and he should not be encouraged. He needs therapy and lots of it.

    Think of my remark as don’t play with dangerous things or you will get hurt.

  18. Big Dog says:

    Meat head is baiting some of us to visit his site so he will have some visits. When Meat head reads something you have written he takes everything literally or he looks for a contradiction in your statements and uses them as proof that you lie. A lie is a deliberate attempt to deceive so if you weight yourself and you are 205 and someone asks and you say around 200 that is not a lie like it would be if you said 175. To meat head, this would be a lie especially if you later said around 210. Then he would call you a coward.

    I said that Cleland dropped a grenade he was playing with. In reality he picked up a grenade he though he dropped and it went off. I had remembered the story that he dropped a grenade and picked a grenade up, I just got the order wrong (I did not look it up before I wrote it). I have written what it boils down to up above.

    I will take issue with meat head’s assertion that I will spit on a veteran on the flimsiest of pretexts. First of all meaty, I never spit on him so that makes you a liar. You lied about me spitting on a veteran. Secondly you worm infested goat screwing camel jockey, I am a veteran and have done more for veterans than you could ever imagine. I served this country and until you can say the same sit down and shut your stupid pie hole. The fact that Cleland is a wounded veteran does not give him immunity. He said things that left him open to attack and he was in Congress so he is fair game. Besides dipstick, I would not want to discriminate against the handicapped. I treat you poorly for the same reason. I might get sued under the ADA if I treated you differently than the non mental moonbats.

    You lied meaty, you know it, admit it coward. Perhaps you were using the word spit in a different way? Nah, the word playing could not mean more than one thing…

    You are a liar, admit it coward.

    Please folks, do not visit this maggot’s site. He is vile and will infect your brain.

  19. d_nono says:

    Big Dog sez…
    “I served this country and until you can say the same sit down and shut your stupid pie hole. ”

    sorry, but service to our country via military uniform (or non-uniformed) does entitle you to raise your voice louder than someone who hasn’t served. We all get to speak up.

    the other part (which i didn’t mention earlier) to your initial post which I’d raised a question about was your suggestion that Cleland’s grenade mishap could’ve happened on his way out to the bar with his buddies.

    Given that suggestion and in light of your loaded use of ‘playing with a grenade’ I’d say you that opened yourself up to criticism as much as Cleland may have.

  20. d_nono says:

    edit to prevous post: does _not_ entitle

  21. Big Dog says:

    No, nono,
    My service allows me to refute the words of a sorry puke who would question my loyalty to our troops. I have never spit upon our troops. If you want to question what I said or if it was right or not go ahead but don’t draw illogical conclusions based upon those words.

    When meat head learns to address things appropriately and quits with the you lied and are a coward then maybe he will get somewhere but this maggot has no right to question anything about my loyalty to the troops. How many times has he been to Walter Reed, how many packages has he sent them? How much has he done?

  22. d_nono says:

    reread my post – I’m not addressing him, he can speak for himself.

    You threw the proverbial grenade over at the other forum, which then solicited the comments you wished to solicit: grenades tossed back at you.

    then you come back here and talk about how you went over there to stick up for your friend and had nothing but insults thrown back in your face – being called a troll due to your Cleland comment.

    and now you state: “I served this country and until you can say the same sit down and shut your stupid pie hole. ”

    Please point out that rule to me in the constitution.

  23. Big Dog says:

    I was called a troll for many reasons, the ostensible one was the Cleland comment. I erred in saying he was playing with it because that has more than one connotation and the more common one is frolicking rather than messing with something you should not. I remembered it was a dropped grenade but not all the particulars. It was not an attempt to lie or deceive as was made the case.

    My comment was directed right at him as in “until YOU [meathead]. Certainly people have a right to question anything, except of course, me questioning the attack on Raven. However, I have every right to say that if he has never served then he does not know what I have done and he does not know what I have done since and I have every right to tell him unless he has those experiences then he may not draw the conclusion he did about me, and using his logic, he lied as well. He has a right to free speech but I do not have to tolerate it. There is nothing that says I have to agree or that I may not admonish. Those are the cold hard facts. There are many things about me that people could use to point out negatives. My support for our military and veterans is not one of them and I will not allow a low life maggot to go unfettered in this arena. If you want to question my service or support for veterans go ahead but make informed decisions.

    The fact is Cleland was hurt by his own error in judgment regardless of my choice of words.

    As for the Constitution. You make a good point so here is your homework. Show me where the Constitution says there is a right to abortion (don’t tell me it is inferred, show me the word abortion), show me where we are allowed to have a department of education. Show me where the document allows judges to make law from the bench and show me where the words separation of Church and state appear. Since you want to invoke that document then be prepared to show all the other things libs demand that are not there.

  24. d_nono says:

    Please, get real big dog. I wasn’t the one pushing a rule for debate upon others, as in your “shut your pie hole if you haven’t served”.

    At best, this thread is a free class on how to shout down your opponent while pushing your service record as a trump card, with you being the ‘teacher’. But sadly for you, you don’t get to assign homework. If i had one iota of respect for you beyond your service to this country I might be inclined to actually push forward a debate with you, but the truth of it is, is that you haven’t earned any of my respect beyond your record of wearing a uniform. You want to play it both ways: shout down the opponent, call them names, play with half-truths of what was said in a thread as well as to what may have occurred in the past re Cleland’s record and then ask another to do actual truthful research as if this thread merits any actual debate – as if your whole forum is some bastion of considered thought – this site, now replete with a noose.

    no, it’s not that easy for you. Besides the fact that I only called upon you to show me the rule where prior service is required for anyone to open their pie hole (as if that’s an invitation for debate), I have yet to espouse any of the liberal points that you’d like me to research in the constitution – so what makes you think I believe they are in that doc? What specifically have I said to you that paints me as a liberal, or at the least someone who pushes their doctrines?

  25. Big Dog says:

    The only person I pushed a rule on was meat brain. He has a history with me and a few others. He is an idiot and does not really deserve the time of day. He has not earned any respect and has not earned the right to question my support of veterans. I think I made it clear that I am open to attack, go ahead. The fact is, I do not have to sit idly by and take crap from a half brained idiot like meat head.

    I do not recall shouting down anyone. I simply made the point that meat head lacks the knowledge and experience that I have with regard to the service so he is unqualified to make assessments of my support. There might be no rule regarding the service but my rule is, I do not have to take crap from someone who lacks the knowledge to make an informed assessment about my support. Until he has that knowledge he can keep his pie hole shut with regard to how I support our men and women in uniform.

    You have your right to an opinion and if this site is offensive to you there are millions of others for you to read. As for my noose, free speech and all that.

    You are correct though, I made an assumption that you are a liberal and I have no proof of it one way or the other. For meat head’s benefit, this is not a lie, I assumed something not in evidence.

    The fact is, Cleland blew himself up doing something unwise. My statement about it does not mean I spit on him. I respect John Kerry’s service to this country but that does not mean I spit on him when I say he disgraced his uniform, his service, and his country by accusing, falsely, fellow service members of atrocities. He threw his medals over a fence and he most likely received a dishonorable discharge for his anti wear antics while still in the reserves. This might explain why he will not release his record. That does not mean he is spat upon. It means he opened himself to scrutiny when he did what he did. Cleland opened himself to scrutiny as well.

    I opened myself to scrutiny for my remarks but I will be damned if that scrutiny includes comments about my support for the troops or veterans, especially from someone who lacks sufficient knowledge to make such a claim.

  26. d_nono says:

    I’ve no need to attack. I may not agree with your viewpoint or the manner in which you express yourself (esp the noose), but I also recognize entrenched viewpoints (mine as well as most likely yours) and as mentioned, this site is hardly a setting where respectful debates generate spontaneously.

    I am curious though, did you just put the noose up on the site or has that been here for some time? I can’t help but think that I’m sure you’d wear the flag as a lapel pin, but how about that noose? would you be willing to wear it as a lapel pin in a professional setting? When visiting troops? When visiting a school?

    Yes, for you it may simply be about free speech, but for many it represents cruel and cold murders – murders for which there have never been any convictions, just a bunch of postcards to commemorate the event.

  27. Big Dog says:

    Actually, a lot of respectful debates happen here. They get out of hand when people like meat head spread lies.

    I would not wear a noose nor would I wear a burning flag lapel pin. I do not find the noose offensive, not because I think that lynchings were OK, but because as long as this country allows people to burn a flag then people should be allowed to display a noose. Burning a flag is hate speech to the men and women who have defended it and to the families of those who have been carried under it.

    I think lynchings were a horrible thing and I would not condone such acts nor would I allow one to happen were I present. I have no hatred for people because of their color. That is a stupid thing to hate someone for. However, I think we are on slippery ground when we say that a noose is offensive because it brings up memories of lynchings.

    If we do then what about the Christians who were slaughtered by the Muslims prior to and during the Crusades? Do we not allow Islam to display the Crescent and Star because it is offensive. Muslims hate Jews and blame them for a lot of the woes in the Middle East. Do we disallow the Star of David because it reminds Muslims of the wars they have lost to the Jews.

    If we say that one despicable act or display is free speech we have to allow all despicable acts (so long as they do not break the law) as free speech. Malcom X espoused killing white people for the cause, do we ban the X that was very popular because of that?

    I would be happy to say people should not hang a noose especially if it is done to intimidate a group of people but then I want the flag burnings to stop because they are hurtful to people. I also think we are taking things too far. A family was forced, for fear of their own safety, to take down a Halloween decoration that featured a hanging body, one they had put up for years.

    You say the noose represents cruel and cold murders. I say that the noose is nothing more than the item that was used. Will we ban trees next because that is what people were hung from? I believe that a burning flag is disrespectful to the men and women in uniform and it causes just as much emotion to veterans as the noose does to blacks.

    To answer you other question, I put it up when not long ago when people started saying nooses were a hate crime and I decided to leave it until Halloween after I read about the family that had to take down the decoration.

    I hope this answers your questions. BTW, I do not believe I said you attacked. The only one is meat head. He is vile and actually quite weird.

  28. d_nono says:

    there are a couple subtle (or not-so-subtle) distinctions between a noose, a burning flag and the other non-burning flags/emblems that you mention.

    First, since we live in the US, so let’s stay focused on US issues and eliminate the issue of the Cresent and the Star of David. If there was more of a history (current or past) in this country of using those symbols as a divisive tool (say a’la Germany’s WWII use of the star to id Jews) then there may be application, but I don’t think they’ve risen to the same level inside our borders. I also am drawing a line between burning the US flag on US soil by a US citizen and the burning of the US flag on foreign soil.

    Second, obviously, The US flag symbolically represents all of the US citizens and our government. And burning a US flag is a form of violent speech, that’s for sure and it should be a wake-up call for every US citizen. I too believe that burning the flag should be outlawed – if only to strengthen the reasoning behind that form of speech. Civil disobedience is mere tripe if your not willing to risk your own freedom’s to make your argument.

    It’s too easy for someone to simply burn the US flag when they feel like inciting other citizens, like yourself, for the flimsiest of reasons. If one is to burn the flag, there had better well be a valid point to it, one that clearly articulates the reasoning behind that speech. And US citizens should question why the flag is being burned and understand the issues (and allow the courts to weigh the merits of that argument).

    * I should note that I find it totally offensive when people do not take care of their US flag when it’s being displayed. How many torn and weathered flags did you see months after the initial round of post-9/11 patriotism. The little flags attached to cars we’re especially desecrated – and was it to make a point? no, simply out of a combination of ‘patriotism’, followed by laziness and apathy (patriotism in quotes since most US folks did nothing more than stick a flag or bumber sticker on their car). You stick a US flag on your car – you’d better take care of it.

    Finally, with regard to the noose, last time I checked no one is using a noose as a symbol of solidarity as a people or their government. It has only one physical use, and that’s as an instrument of death. As a symbolic form of speech, at best, it plainly references the lynching of (primarily) black US citizens, and at worst, it is a direct threat of violence against a specific target (more worse still, is when it crosses from speech to action). A target whose sole offense is the color of their skin, not their politics, or their actions/deeds/character even, simply their skin color.

    The burning of the flag is a political form of speech – yes, it may involve a form of violence, but there is (or should be at least) a valid point being raised and if not, then yes, the ‘speaker’ should be held accountable. The display of a noose, however, holds no such potential beyond speaking about violence, fear, hatred based on skin color. It’s sole purpose is to incite hatred or to cause fear in those who have historically been targeted.

    There’s no non-violent slippery slope for which the noose can slide down as a symbol – regardless of who used it upon whom, it represents death. And it’s also primarily a racist tool (in the US anyway). Yes, it’s been used on whites, but not even closely (or even as recently) to the same extent as it had been used on blacks. It’s most recent and common usage has been as a tool for racist murders.

  29. Big Dog says:

    You make some valid and cogent arguments. I will relook at this issue.

    I still would like to know how you feel about the Halloween decoration.

    As for the Crescent and Star, those were examples asking, if Muslims found one or Jews found the other offensive, would that hold the same weight as the noose?

    I appreciate your respect for the Flag and you and I agree on that point. I don’t really care what the reason behind burning a Flag is, it is wrong. But we could ask, what is the reason behind hanging the noose? If it is intimidation then it is wrong but maybe we should ask what the motive actually is.

    Mine is a protest but as I stated, you make valid points and I will rethink it.

  30. Virginia says:

    Bigdog, many of us have already figured out that Billy Joe has mental problems. He or She ? good question, is just a troll, and probably can only get satisfaction by giving himself a BJ. He needs to be deleted, put in spam box or whatever with the rest of the trash mail. I can see him in his mommy’s basement , whacking it. Not hard to figure out people like Billy Joe, a self whacker. LOL and big time idiot.

    At my house, we love to wait up with Bigdog and all his new articles. Love ya