Russ Feingold Leads

Russ Feingold is in the lead and might just be elected April’s Jackass of the Month. Don’t forget to vote for your candidate in the left hand sidebar.

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2 Responses to “Russ Feingold Leads”

  1. VT says:

    I am assuming you are opposed to Feingold because he wants to make a point about FISA’s role in overseeing governmental actions in a time of war? Could you clarify. You need to research other conservatives on their views about ignoring FISA. Are the below listed people going to get Jack Ass awards too? This is really an issue for all American’s irregardless of party lines. You do harm to all Americans when you attempt to make something this serious a party issue.

    The following is from

    Big Dog Note:
    This comment has been edited. The writer, VT, copied a very long article from the ACLU web site and pasted it here. It was inappropriate to paste something that long when a link would suffice. Therefore, I have removed the bulk of the post and have left the link to it intact.

    And as anyone who reads this site knows, the ACLU has NO standing with us.

  2. Big Dog says:

    If you are going to write something this big make it a post at your site and link to it.

    I do not pay attention to anything the ACLU says. They are a Communist organization with a goal of destroying our way of life. In case you missed the STOP THE ACLU link.

    John Dean was the liar who orchestrated the Watergate break in and lied to people about it.

    The balance of your post deals with conjecture and other people’s interpretation of the FISA law. My source was the FISA court itself and its ruling. You seem to make a mistake because you and these others apply FISA laws selectively. Americans who contact people who we think are terrorists fall into the category of agent of a foreign government and we can listen. The court has ruled that the President has inherent authority.

    I am tired of debating this issue with people who either can not or do not read the rulings of the courts and will not apply the same standards that they have allowed for other Presidents. Carter and Clinton both conducted warrantless surveillance. Clinton signed EO 12949 which allows warrantless physical property searches of Americans in the US and he had his agents exercise such warrants.

    You guys on the left have a hard time understanding national security. Those Senators of whom you spoke have their opinions. They are no better informed than I and they selectively follow judicial rulings.

    Feingold can not even get his own party to back him because he is wrong on this issue. He is trying to position himself for the White House but he is not qualified for the job.

    Try reading this post for FISA court review. In addition, try reading the entire unambiguous FISA, The except by statute part describes what is an agent of a foreign government and what is authorized without a warrant. If one party is in another country it is not domestic.