Running With A Boot In His Rear

Barack Obama and Joe Biden were recorded jogging around the White House in their dress shoes with shirts and ties in place. This was all in support of Moochelle’s Let’s Move campaign. It is not as if Obama has anything better to do and with the weather so lousy the golf courses are closed. So I guess jogging around in business attire was the best he could do.

With the world now a powder keg and Obama having been outed as weak he might be practicing for when he has to run and hide.

Russia is invading Ukraine just like Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney said it would. You remember this, right? Palin was mocked and Romney was told that he was still living with a Cold War mentality.

But then again, Obama gave Russia a “reset” button which while childish did accomplish a reset. We have been reset to the Cold War Obama roundly mocked.

I give Obama a lot of credit for running around with Biden. He handled a tough thing.

No, running in his business clothes was not the tough thing.

Running with Putin’s boot up his anal cavity must have been pretty tough to accomplish.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Running With A Boot In His Rear”

  1. Blake says:

    Is this what obama meant when he leaned over to Medvyev and whispered, “After the election, I will have more flexability.”