Rules Are Rules But Did School Board Learn From The Democrats?

At Petaluma High School in California the seniors are preparing for that time all high schoolers look forward to, their graduation. There is one special student there named Steven Kiernan. This young man worked extra hard and completed his classes before the rest of his peers. Then he joined the US Marines and went to boot camp. He will be home to graduate from Petaluma High with the rest of his class. Steven has caused quite a stir because he wanted to graduate in his dress blue uniform. The school says that is against the policy and he has to wear a gown over top of the uniform.

The reason that this has caused problems is not the decision by the school or Steven’s desire to wear his uniform. The principal went by the rules as he knows them and Steven will follow those rules. The problem is that the issue was taken to the school board. It was presented in plenty of time for them to vote on it one way or the other well before the graduation. They however, took a page from the democrats play book and delayed the vote, changing their schedule to avoid the issue before the scheduled event. They, as is the case with our current group of democratic senators, refused to give an up or down vote. This is what has Steven’s dad upset. I can’t say that I blame him. The people on the school board get paid to make decisions not run and hide like a bunch of cowards.

Having spent 24 years in the service I know what it means to wear the uniform of the day. When the schedule prescribed a particular uniform that is what we wore. A marine Gunnery Sergeant was asked about the issue and he said this is the school’s graduation and if the uniform is cap and gown then that is what he will wear. You see, this young man is learning responsibility from a good organization. Perhaps the members of the school board should go to boot camp.

The sergeant also had the best solution to the situation when he said:

“to pacify a lot of flames that have been brought up with veterans groups, would be for the high school to announce Kiernan’s military status when they read his name.”

Maybe this guy should be on the school board. Story here.

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