Rule Number 1; Bill Clinton Lies

Rule Number 2, If you ever start to believe him refer to Rule Number 1.

Bill Clinton is in Nevada fresh off his defense of a lawsuit designed to disenfranchise voters and the Clinton campaign attempts to screw the union workers of the union that endorsed her opponent, B. Hussein Obama. Today is caucus day and lo and behold Bill Clinton has witnessed voter suppression first hand. He even has Chelsea to back him up because no one would want to call Web Hubbell’s daughter a liar. Here is what Clinton alleges [from The Politico]:

There is this whole business of the new politics. Well I got a taste of the new politics today. We need a new politics where we all love each other. You’ve heard all that. There’s a radio ad up in the northern part of Nevada telling Republicans that they ought to just register as Democrats for a day so they can beat Hillary and go out and be Republicans next week and vote in the primary. Doesn’t sound like the new politics to me.

Today when my daughter and I were wandering through the hotel, and all these culinary workers were mobbing us telling us they didn’t care what the union told them to do, they were gonna caucus for Hillary.

There was a representative of the organization following along behind us going up to everybody who said that, saying ‘if you’re not gonna vote for our guy were gonna give you a schedule tomorrow so you can’t be there.’ So, is this the new politics? I haven’t seen anything like that in America in 35 years. So I will say it again – they think they’re better than you.

OK, let me be the one to say it, this is BS. Clinton did not witness any such thing and he is lying to try to show there are voter problems so it can cast doubt should Hillary lose. Bill is lying. No, I was not there but he is lying. He would have us believe that a union representative is so stupid that he would say such a thing in Clinton’s presence knowing that Clinton is looking for any reason to cry foul. Bill would have us believe that a union is forcing its employees to all vote for one person or they will be punished despite the fact that the employees can just ask for the day off. Bill would also have us believe that there was a huge crowd of people saying they would defy the union. If the union is as Bill describes it, why would the employees say anything? Wouldn’t they just be quiet and vote how they wished?

Clinton is a pathological liar and he is lying about this whole episode. What amazes me is that he is taking the leadership of a union to task based solely on the fact that it did not endorse Hillary. If they had endorsed Hillary, Bill Clinton would not have personally “witnessed” any of this. He is making it up now to make the union leadership appear to be goons. I wonder why he would do this after all the years that the unions supported him and his wife as well as the rest of the Democrats. Why is Bill now indicating that union leadership is nothing more than a bunch of thugs? He has not called the leaders of the unions that back Hillary thugs and for that matter, neither has Senator Obama. Obama has not called any of the union workers or leadership names or accused them of wrong doing regardless of whom they have endorsed. The Clinton campaign, particularly Bill, is the only entity to cast the unions in a bad light.

This is what happens when you do not play ball the Clinton way. You cross this crime family and they have it out for you. You don’t endorse them or if you disagree with them they are ready to chew you up and spit you out. They are a well oiled mean machine that knows how to use the politics of destruction against anyone who does not march in lock-step to the Clinton cadence. This is why there are so many people who speak on the condition of anonymity when they discuss Hillary. These people are afraid of repercussions from the Clinton Crime Family with Billy the “Don” in the lead and Queen Hillary “the Destroyer” on the warpath. People in politics know how the Clintons can destroy a career and how they can cast doubts about anything anyone does.

Bill Clinton is a liar. I would be happy to inform him of this to his face and let him know that I call BS on him and his lies. Maybe the MSM and the people who are in a love fest with these idiots will not do it but I have no problem. Bill Clinton is a confirmed liar who has proven he will say and do anything to win and to stay out of trouble. He lied to the nation and he lied under oath. He has made a lifelong habit of lying and he cannot be trusted.

Bill, you are a liar. Hillary is Satan.

Big Dog

This should pretty much shut the mouths of the idiots at Kos who say Republicans always cry about voter fraud. Bill Clinton is crying about it FROM HIS OWN PARTY.

One other question, how would Bill feel if the union bosses refused to let workers vote in the Republican Caucus?

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13 Responses to “Rule Number 1; Bill Clinton Lies”

  1. Adam says:

    Excuse the off topic, but I see Ron Pau’s getting 12% and could inch up to 2nd place in Nevada. I don’ t mind being wrong if it means the GOP election stays interesting…

    I wonder how things are going in South Carolina…

  2. Big Dog says:

    I was looking earlier but will wait until all the precincts report. He might just pull off a second place.

    Looks like Hill is in a lead at the start.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Looks like the called Nevada for Clinton. I guess all the crying by Bill might have paid off.

  4. Adam says:

    Might have. This should make a loss in South Carolina easier for Hillary. Unless the black vote jumps ship over a 2nd Obama loss, I don’t see Hillary doing much good considering how close the votes are in states with high women turnout and high numbers of Hispanics which she seems to do well with. But you never know.

    Polls should be closing right about now maybe for the GOP tonight. Any predictions?

  5. Big Dog says:

    McCain, Huckster then Romney

    Hillary will likely not do as well in the south. The women up north are more into her but southern women can’t stand her. Fewer feminists there…

  6. Adam says:

    Don’t write off Southern women just yet, I’m married to one and she supports Hillary. Don’t under-estimate the anti-black vote in the South, either. Sad but true. I think both are as equal a factor. Obama can’t survive on the black vote alone, and Hillary erodes his support there with black women anyway. She should do well in AR at least. She may win Texas if her support with Hispanics stays true.

    Hillary’s biggest support is with older white men and women in general, so I’m not sure how big of a factor women in the South will be. I think she’s hosed in South Carolina but she could make the race interesting this week if she works hard, cries a little, and gets Bill to waggle his finger at people. Nobody has found a bastard child of anybodies yet at least, so there’s that…

    Interesting GOP race for sure….

  7. Big Dog says:

    Well Hillary and Bill are covert racists so they will be happy if they win the south based on the anti black vote.

    I think she might do well in Arkansas, she fooled all you po dunks there when she adopted Bill’s last name so he could get elected governor.

    If she makes it to the general (Obama got more delegates from Nevada than she did) there will be a lot of hit pieces.

    The interesting thing is that both parties but more so the Democrats, might have to settle it at convention. That will certainly cause hard feeling somewhere…

  8. Big Dog says:

    I am sure you wife is a lovely southern lady but her judgment is already in question…

    Look who she married.


  9. Virginia says:

    your are wrong, Bill Clinton does have a bastard son, and he is now nearly 14 yrs old. Wonder if it is him or Hillary that does not want this revealed. My, my guess Hillary did not want anyone to know she was step mommie to a black kid, and Bill Clinton should be ashamed of himself for not acknowledging this child, no matter what color he is.

    Clinton’s Fanaticism for Race-Mixing Linked To His Having a Black Son
    Clinton’s appearance in Little Rock to hold the door open for the now-aged black students to re-enter Central High was a ploy to promote race-mixing. His proposal for an official “Presidential apology” to blacks for slavery of 132 years ago and his call for America to become a nation of minorities in which no group holds a majority is a blatant call for the end of the White American majority for all time to come! Could there be a dark secret behind this radical stand? Could Clinton be seeking justification for his many affairs with black women, including having a son by a well- known Little Rock prostitute? Could Clinton’s bizarre behavior be part of an attempt to justify his own past?
    Where Is Clinton’s Former Black Girlfriend Bobby Ann Williams?
    The British Press has continued its investigation into Clinton’s affair with the black Little Rock prostitute Bobby Ann Williams. London Daily Mail columnist James Dalrymple, wrote on Jan. 14, 1997, that Bobby Ann Williams and her sister Lucille Bolton passed two lie detector tests proclaiming that Clinton is the father of her illegitimate son Danny. Arkansas State Trooper Buddy Young states that in 1983, he drove Clinton and the black women to his mother’s home near Hot Springs for a sex orgy. Clinton’s mother was conveniently out-of-town. In 1984 Bobby Ann had a baby boy she named Danny. He looks exactly like Clinton. He has refused to take a blood test to confirm or deny the allegation.
    Mr. Dalrymple states that Bobby Ann has disappeared from Little Rock and both her sister and mother now refuse to discuss the matter. They have not taken out a “missing person’s warrant.” Thus it is safe to assume that they know where she is. Little Rock sources have informed this publication that she now lives in Australia where Danny, now age 13, is attending a private school. Dalrymple charges that the liberal media refuses to report this story and is thus helping Clinton as part of a “massive cover-up.” He says that a politician could never get away with this in England.

  10. anti-idiot says:

    o no black babies, race mixing, who would think that somone could see not your skin color. I cannot stand the clintons either, but this SH*T about race mixing is ridiculous. If you look at the history of the WHITE race you will see who really has been towing the devil’s line

  11. bruce oellerich says:

    What happened to the “Rodham” in HRC. Does she forsake her family heritage to benefit her election chances. Is “clinton” really an attribute. When I hear clinton all I think is a bum who received oral sex in the oval office, from a young worker, who if she was any younger would have gotten him some prison time.

  12. V Racer says:

    So, a black who would only vote for Obama is not a racist voter? Give me a break.

  13. Javar says:

    Will this sh*t ever end? look at all i found at