RU Safe? You Wanted It, So Don’t Sue

It is amazing that when drug companies develop medications in this country and there are complications people (with their ambulance chasing lawyers) swoop in and sue for big bucks. Amazingly, drug companies are trashed for making profits on drugs but people who sue and receive large sums are considered to have received just compensation. The drug companies are derided for not making drugs that we need and when they do, they are sued.

I wrote some time ago about the drug RU 486, the so called morning after pill that is supposed to be used in the event of a rape. The drug is a mega dose of hormones and I indicated that the drug would be dangerous if not controlled by the prescription process. The feminists needed it on the market right away to help women but not for rape, for nights after unprotected sex. I know that I blogged about the potential for abuse and how such high doses of hormones could be very dangerous but this danger, and a few deaths, has not stopped stores that refuse to carry it, like Wal Mart, from being sued to force them to carry it. There is a new report that the drug might be, guess what, dangerous:

Reports of rare bacterial infections, including a handful of cases in women who have taken the controversial RU-486 abortion pill, are cause for concern and warrant further study, U.S. health experts said on Thursday.

Two sometimes fatal bugs — Clostridium sordellii and Clostridium difficile — are a particular worry as antibiotic resistance grows and infections occur in people without typical risk factors, doctors and researchers said.

I knew that the drug could be harmful but women’s health be damned, the fems needed this drug out there! Well, now they have it and the potential problems associated with its use, and probably use that is contrary to package instructions. I say that any woman who used the drug and got ill should not be allowed to sue the drug company. I think that any sleeze ball lawyer who files a suit should lose his license to practice law. The warnings were there and people would not listen.

In addition, Wal Mart should tell the lawyers and the groups who filed suit to piss off and leave them alone. It turns out that their refusal to sell the drug might have saved a few people. Some Wal Marts have been forced to sell the drug:

“Massachusetts is the second state in the country which now appears to have succeeded in compelling Wal-Mart to stock emergency contraception,” said Samuel Perkins, who represented the three Massachusetts women in their suit against the retailer.

So if women want to sue anyone, sue Samuel Perkins, a man who made it legal to give them drugs that harm them.

Source: Reuters
Source 2: Deal of the Day (via Reuters)

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