Rove In The Hotseat

There is blood in the water and the democrats and their media wing are circling like frenzied sharks. Their lust for blood is aimed at Karl Rove now that it has been learned that he is the source for Matthew Cooper of Time Magazine. There seems to be some sense that Rove is the one who outed the CIA operative Valerie Plame. The press corps was full of spit and vinegar when confronting Scott McClellan, President Bush’s spokesman.

It is against the law to reveal the name of a CIA undercover operative. If Mr. Rove did indeed give her up then he needs to suffer the consequences of his actions. But before he suffers anything it might be helpful if the matter is fully investigated by the appropriate agencies and a firm conclusion has been reached. You see, right now there is speculation and allowing Rove to be tried in the press is not the way things are done. The same people who asked us to let due process take its course in the Clinton investigation are denying Rove the same opportunity.

I do not know what Rove did or did not do. He has continually stated that he did not reveal this woman’s name and the conversation he had with Cooper was designed to keep the reporter from erroneously implicating Dick Cheney as the person who authorized Plame’s husband’s trip to Africa, the purpose of which was to see if Iraq had obtained yellow cake uranium. The trip was in fact authorized by Plame. My way news reports this from Rove’s lawyer:

Luskin, Rove’s lawyer, said his client did not disclose Plame’s name. Luskin declined to say how Rove found out that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA and refused to say how Rove came across the information that it was Wilson’s wife who authorized his trip to Africa.

Rove’s lawyer says his client has done nothing wrong.

“In the conversation, Karl is warning Cooper not to get too far out in front of the story,” Luskin said. “There were false allegations out there that Vice President Cheney sent Wilson to Niger and that Wilson had reported back to Cheney about his trip to Niger. Neither was true.”

“A fair-minded reading of Cooper’s e-mail is that Rove was trying to discourage Time magazine from circulating false allegations about Cheney, not trying to encourage them by saying anything about Wilson or his wife.”

From reading what the email contained, it is reasonable that this was the case. One must ask why, if Rove revealed the name, did Matthew Cooper not disclose that up front? After all, the MSM has been after the Bush administration for some time now and this incident took place well before the last Presidential election. Cooper could have assured Kerry and the donks the White House if he had evidence that Rove was the informant. Instead, Cooper was willing to go to jail rather than give up information on Rove. In addition, if Rove did anything wrong, why would he allow Cooper to reveal him as the source? We must also assume that there is another source. That is the only explanation for Judith Miller of the NYT going to jail for not revealing her source. If it too were Rove then she would be free. It is possible that there is a source who blatantly disclosed Plame’s identity and Miller knows that source. It is very unlikely that it is someone in the bush Administration or she would have rolled over on that person.

What we have right now is a desperate left wing party grasping at anything they can hang on the President. They are so full of hatred they will bypass due process, a process they insisted Clinton deserved, to embarrass the President. This might come as a surprise to some but I actually believed that Clinton deserved to get a fair shake and that if he was denying the affair then the matter could be resolved in court. I felt this despite the allegations by a number of women who claimed that he had made advances toward them or actually engaged in sex with them. When Clinton came on TV and admitted that he lied then I felt he was guilty and should be impeached. At that point, he gave credibility to all the women whose lives were ruined by the democratic smear machine.

Rove deserves nothing less. Right now we have terrorists in prison camps because they want to kill us. The left is clamoring that they deserve a trial and due process. This despite the fact they are being held as enemy combatants. It is a sad statement that the left would not allow the same due process to a man who is an American citizen and might actually have done nothing wrong.

Tomorrow, the real smear campaign in the press will begin when the NYT turns op the heat calling for Rove’s resignation. They want him to resign without the benefit of a fair trial.

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One Response to “Rove In The Hotseat”

  1. TheAce0804 says:

    Good post, and I agree with you 100%. If Rove is responsible, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But until its known, maybe the press should sit down and try to control themselves. These are the same clowns that defended Clinton when he, an American President, lied under oath. But as soons as they hear a rumor about Rove, its gloves off.
    Ah well, at least its nice to see their true colors. I don’t mind people being bias, as long as they admit it.