Round Up Of The Absurd

A sampling of the moronic things taking place in this country.

DC residents can apply for a pot card


Looks like people in DC can start registering to receive medical marijuana. The dope will be dispensed once people start getting their government approval to get high.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I think that marijuana can be of value as a medication for certain things. That is for the medical community to decide. The reality is that many folks will get a card for some bogus medical condition so they can get, and smoke, pot. There will be a huge spike in certain medical conditions and that spike will involve conditions that, coincidentally, can be treated with marijuana. There will not be background checks to see if these people have a valid reason, they will just be allowed to obtain and smoke pot.

Let some poor chump try to buy a gun, or better yet, try to get a permit to carry a gun in DC and the entire force of government will come down on the evil schmuck. If he is allowed to proceed there will be hundreds of dollars in fees and significant checks that will become huge barriers to purchasing a handgun. If the request is to carry a handgun then there will be a lot of money spent to be denied. This is just like the People’s Republik of Maryland.

One of these things is a right protected in the US Constitution. Sadly, very few people either know that or follow it.

Your Tax Dollars Pay For IRS Employees To Do Full Time Union Work

An FOIA request reveals information that should make your blood boil. It is not bad enough that the IRS is targeting certain people in a political witch hunt now we have information that 201 IRS employees work full time on union business and we TAXPAYERS foot the bill.

The collective bargaining agreement allows them to work full time on union business and receive a taxpayer provided salary. This is what happens when the people who pay the bills are not involved in the bargaining process. The union negotiates with the politicians and they agree on terms. We pay for whatever they decide AND the unions funnel money back to the politicians. They are a laundering operation to get your money to unions and politicians under the guise of a legal contract.

This is why public employees should not be allowed to have unions.

Nazi passed background check to live in US for over 60 years

A Nazi commander from WWII was able to escape to the United States in 1949 by claiming he had not performed military service. He lied. The US allegedly did a background check but some items could not be verified so they let him in. The 94 year old man has been exposed and will likely be deported to stand trial for war crimes.

Big deal, right? Well, if the government could not ensure a Nazi was not allowed into this country what makes you think the government can ensure the millions of illegals currently here are properly vetted before legal status is bestowed upon them?

How many of these folks will be allowed to stay here legally because their background could NOT be verified? How many mistakes will there be that will cause us problems?

This assumes, of course, that the government will actually do any kind of background check. The only people the government wants to do complete background checks on are those who wish to purchase or carry a firearm. Then, anal probes are conducted.

The world is upside-down and this country needs an enema.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Round Up Of The Absurd”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    More crime on the streets as those who are not yet addicted will become addicted and not be able to get enough for their need. Yes, contrary to opinion, I do believe that weed eventually will not be enough and they will go on to other drugs.