Round Up From The Weekend

Jack Murtha, Pork King

Why they keep Murtha in office is beyond me. He is a waste of flesh and is as corrupt as they come. He is an un-indicted co-conspirator in ABSCAM and he keeps spending taxpayer money on worthless projects.

Case in point, the Jack Murtha airport (it was recently renamed that) in Pennsylvania. Murtha keeps funneling taxpayer money into this little airport even though it has only a couple of flights a day and they all go to Dulles. There are usually more workers there than passengers. Wonder what the workers do all day.

But a watchdog group on federal waste called the airport a “white elephant.”

“It’s an exercise in spending more money than sense,” said Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense.

Federal largess is clearly evident here on Airport Road. Each of the six daily flights that the United Express local carrier makes to and from the airport is subsidized, costing taxpayers about $1.4 million, or $147 per passenger, last year. The subsidy is double the national average for the federal program designed to guarantee air service for 150 rural communities, excluding those in Alaska.

In addition to the passenger subsidy, the Murtha airport has long received funds from another federal program, meant to help pay for runway improvements and safety at regional airports. The airport has received $7.3 million since 2004 under the program. Last year, when the number of passengers fell below a federal threshold and the airport’s minimum yearly funding was about to drop from $1 million to $150,000, Murtha stepped in.

“I strongly believe that the Johnstown Airport should receive the full $1 M in [airport improvement] funding,” Murtha wrote to the Federal Aviation Administration in December. “Without this money, the development of this airport could be significantly inhibited, and the community as a whole could suffer.” WAPO

No wonder they named it after him. He bought it with our money…

Obama Slips One In

Barack Obama said we have to watch wasteful spending (something he was very good at as a Senator) and that we need to be responsible. He is going to be above board and transparent. This is from the Gateway Pundit:

President Obama released his FY 2009 supplemental request… asking for $83.4 billion to fund ongoing military, diplomatic and foreign assistance activities… There are programs included in this supplemental request that could otherwise be funded in the base budget. Some of the major items requested in this supplemental are long-term acquisition programs that are not directly related to ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan…

  • $600 million to purchase four new F-22 fighter jets;
  • $400 million for a new Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capabilities Fund;
  • $3.6 billion to train and equip Afghanistan Security Forces;
  • $806.2 million to upgrade the U.S. diplomatic facilities in Pakistan; and
  • $200 million for budget support to the Palestinian Authority.

Why would we be sending the PA any money? I guess this is an executive earmark…

They could buy another F-22 fighter jet with that money and have 50 million left over for spare parts.

US “Deeply Concerned” About Jailed Reporter

Roxana Saberi, a 31-year-old dual American-Iranian citizen was sentenced to 8 years in jail in Iran for allegedly spying on the country. Barack Obama is “deeply concerned” about this. Seems that a little bit more is called for here, perhaps outrage? [My Way News]

Saberi is not the only one in trouble. Laura Ling and Euna Lee are being held in North Korea. These journalists face the possibility of 10 years in a prison camp on trumped up charges. These two work for an organization founded by Al Gore. I thought everybody loved him…[Times Online]

Looks like news people are not well received in these countries. The main stream media said that we should understand these countries. Obama said we need to talk to them and he would do so without precondition. All we need to do is understand them.

George Bush said that North Korea and Iran were part of the Axis of Evil. Looks like he was right. I wonder how the people at the news organizations feel about these places now.

Banks Were Pressured To Take TARP Money

Shore Bancshares of Easton, Md is waiting to pay back 25 million dollars it received from the government. This is money it was persuaded to take in order to prevent problems in the banking industry. Despite protestations from some on the left, some banks reported they were forced to take TARP money. Some, like this one, were strongly persuaded to take it to do their part for the country.

Korstange explained that Treasury had originally invited TCF to apply for TARP funds, saying it wanted the participation of healthy banks to mitigate the shock to the financial system from the failure of large firms like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns.

TCF agreed, wanting to do its civic duty by aiding the government in keeping the nation’s hobbled financial industry going.

“They came to all the banks,” said Korstange. “They did come to us and suggested that it would be a good idea, that if you didn’t take it you would be looked on as a bank that couldn’t get it, that you were too bad to get it.

“It made sense to do it at that time. We thought we were being good citizens. We didn’t need the money,” Korstange added. CNS News

Now TCF (parent company) says it wants to repay the money because the government changed the rules and the banks are hamstrung by the rules for banks that took the money. The bank also does not like being made a scapegoat and the object of public scorn.

The bank has indicated that they were being delayed in returning the money. I am sure the government would like to keep its fangs in the banks in order to run them but many will pay back the money so they don’t have to be bothered by an intrusive government. They should offer the money back and if the government refuses to take it they should consider it forgiven and move on.

Then again, it might just be delayed because Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner is the only person working at Treasury…

Remember, the only good pirate is a dead pirate.

Finally, Meathead Says Call The FBI

One last thing. Meathead (I don’t link to him) read my “I Am A Right Wing Extremist” post and concluded that I am a racist and potentially a terrorist. He wants anyone who knows who I am to report any terrorist activity to the FBI. He is deluded and thinks that I would do harm to my country.

It is ridiculous and as an Honorably Discharged Veteran with 24 years of service I have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and I would give my life to protect this country. I am not a threat you have to worry about. The threats to this country are all in DC. No one will ever find me doing anything to harm my country. And terrorism is what cowards engage in. Real warriors engage in battle.

Meathead can’t understand that because he is a bed wetting liberal who lives under the blanket of freedom that people like me provide while never lifting a hand to help.

Meathead, I know you read this website. Did you report me? After they read the post they will laugh you out of the country.

I’ll let you know if they come interview me. Oooh, I’m scared.


Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Round Up From The Weekend”

  1. Blake says:

    It’s allmost superfluous to comment further on the roundup- you have pretty much said it all.
    Jack Murtha= unindicted Duke Cunningham-
    Apparently even as Prez, Barama can’t shake the Senate earmark behavior any more than he can quit smoking.
    The liberal left will blame the jailed reporters on Bush/ Cheney somehow, rather than on the regimes that actually jailed them, so what else is new?
    I pulled all my money out of the bank I had been using,- they asked why, and I told them it was because they were so stupid as to take the TARP money. Any bank that stupid deserves to fail- any bank that can’t stand up to nuts like ACORN need to go away.
    Finally, i assume that “Meathead” is not referring to the Meathead in “All in the Family”, but I could be wrong, because we know he leans left.
    Is Meathead a LWE? Only Janet Napolitano can know.

    • Big Dog says:

      Meathead is a moron that has a blog. He calls people coward and he LIES about everything. I wrote that I am not a threat to this COUNTRY and his retort is that I am a threat to it because I advicated violence against people. I have never advocated violence against the COUNTRY however, I did write that we should have an open season on liberals with no bag limit and that if any liberal got violent they should be taken all the way down so they could vote with the dead ACORN registered.

      These are not terroristic threats and they are not threats against any one person. I am not a threat to the country but I am a threat to anyone who tries to be violent with me. There is a difference between the country and individuals.

      I never heard Meathead whine about people who advocated for the death of Bush or Cheney because he agrees with that meme. He is a moron. His method of debate is to take things out of context and then call you a coward and a liar.

      He is a brave little troll on the Internet but I am willing to bet he would not be so brave if he had to confront the people he attacks electronically.

      I don’t link to him because people do not need to send him traffic and they do not need to be harassed by a half witted moron. He keeps tracking back to here but Akismet says he is spam.

      Who am I to argue?

  2. Kris says:

    I like Jack Murtha, he’s always such an easy target that I almost don’t ever want to see him go…not really.

  3. chapper says:

    Shore Bancshares story is even more interesting as their largest shareholder is none other than former Reagan Sec. of Treasury, Nick Brady. He is too smart to come under the thumb of the liberal bank regulators any more than he has to… they changed the rules, he sent back the $$ before they change the rules again to tell TARP recipients, even the healthy ones, that they cannot return the money.. watch.. it is coming!