Ronnie Earle, November JOTM

Well, the votes are in and the undisputed winner of the Jackass of the Month for November 2005 is Ronnie Earle the partisan democrat prosecutor who is on a witch hunt to rid the world of Republicans.

The official Results:

  • Maureen Down (who is looking for a man) 4 votes (10%)
  • Charles Rangel (who is looking for backbone) 11 votes (28%)
  • Bill Bennett (who is looking for understanding) 2 votes (5%)
  • Ronnie Earle (who is looking for a clue) 22 votes (56%)

His latest victim, Tom Delay. This partisan attack and politically motivated misuse of justice is just the most recent in a string of unethical actions by this most deserving candidate. Now get over there where the Dog is doing his bidniz…

Don’t forget to send in nominations for the December JOTM.

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