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Supporters of Ron Paul for president have been bombing on line polls to give the impression that their candidate has more support than he really does. Fox news conducted a post debate poll that showed Paul placed second to Romney and the people at Fox found that quite interesting to say the least. Little Green Footballs had a straw poll and it was obvious that it was bombed by Paul supporters who got very upset that this mean nothing poll would dare claim they cheated.

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Ron Paul has some good ideas but he is not presidential material. I believe he had the right to answer his questions as he saw fit and that he should not be excluded form further debates. The whole idea of having debates is to listen to what the candidates have to say and for the voters to decide who they wish to support. It is not a Conservative principle to silence those with whom we disagree. That is what the Democrats do though with the recent immigration amnesty bill it is getting much harder to tell the difference between the parties.

Fred Thompson has not entered the race and if he intends to he is playing his hand quite well. He has gotten a boatload of publicity and has not had to spend one dime and he has not had to raise any money. He is teasing the public and if he plays it right will get in just as the public is ready to climax so that people, in their excitement, will donate and donate big. He will do well in any debate and give the rest of the field, including Paul (despite his poll bombers) a run for their money.

Ron Paul and all the others who are running for the Republican nomination are the reason we need Fred. The candidates on the Democratic side are the reason we need him more than ever.

Don’t agree? Leave a comment and tell me why.

Big Dog

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71 Responses to “Ron Paul”

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  2. Big Dog says:

    So after MSNBC logged in your IP you were through? I mean, you could not disconnect and renew the IP and vote again, or vote from more than one computer in other places? I am not saying that everyone voted more than once and maybe no one did but it certainly can and does happen, thus the unscientific part.

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  5. with the MSNBC polling, it is critical to note that you would have to go to a different computer or some such thing.

    There are a thousand things that I can’t find in the mainstream press, as there is major censorhip, and even anchors are told of restriction of what they cannot cover. Where I’m at in Utah, even our own media refuses to cover some issues, even though the reporters desire it, they are turned down by the vicious (and in some cases CFR membership holding) Editors.

    The interenet is a thousand times more credible in my mind than the mainstream media filled with hacks like Sean Hannity who cut off callers, never allow true conservatives on, and who shout down guests they desire to smear, never letting them make their case. If you have problems with the on-line polling of Ron Paul’s successes with the last two debates, I at least hope you won’t be phony to the point you’d say that Fox is “Fair and Balanced.”

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  12. sean says:

    So called “scientific polling” is almost completely fubar in this day and age. Their method is to randomly phone people. The problem is, they only phone landlines, and that is a shrinking demographic, and it is skewed towards older people. Millions of households don’t have landlines at all anymore.

    Clearly the voluntary online polls are not scientific either.

    Moral of this story: don’t believe pollsters.

  13. daddym2000 says:

    If any of you have seen James Stewart in the film “Mr Smith Goes to Washington”, then Ron Paul would be that character but older and wiser but still sincere; passionate and truthful.
    That is why his words resonate with the on-line masses and exactly why the MSM is trying so hard to suppress his message to stop it spreading, (just like in the movie). The only problem there is that the suppression is only working to wake people up to this injustice, mainly because Mr Ron Paul is Sincere; Passionate and TRUTHFUL, (unlike his peers running for office).

  14. Rer Rueda says:

    I don’t know what you can think about Ron Paul supporters, but when I saw him in the debate his position and how he was ignored from the mainstream media. I understood that he is not like the other candidates. He seems to be a honest and non-corporatism candidate.

    By the way. I am not a spammer. You can contact me whenever you want.

  15. Angela T says:

    I hang out with Fred people, Ron people and Tancredo people. The Ron people are the only group that I have never been asked to spam a poll.

  16. Joe Wagner says:

    Yeah man… I mean, the support for Ron Paul is enthusiastic and genuine – like Ron Paul. I think people are seeing a refreshing candidate and are trying to inform themselves. As I understand, this very real sweeping online is also translating into very meaningful campaign donations. Calling it an online bombing is first, echoing the neo-con punditry and second, plain ignorant. This mobilization to undermine and discredit Ron Paul and his supporters only brings your own fear or inability to think for yourself to light.

  17. Open Letter to Congressman Ron Paul

    Joel S. Hirschhorn

    There are numerous reasons to admire you, as I have for many years. Clearly you are running for president as a Republican, rather than a third party candidate, for the sole purpose of getting media and public attention not available to those outside the two-party duopoly. In last night’s debate among Republican presidential candidates you proudly described yourself as a “champion of the Constitution.” However, you are missing a major opportunity to demonstrate your courage and allegiance to our constitutional republic.

    You have acknowledged the appropriateness of amending the Constitution. In fact, you introduced legislation for an amendment that would stop giving automatic citizenship to babies born in the U.S. to non-citizen parents. You said: “Our founders knew that unforeseen problems with our system of government would arise, and that’s precisely why they gave us a method for amending the Constitution. It’s time to rethink birthright citizenship by amending the 14th amendment.”

    Personally, I endorse this particular amendment. More important, however, I am disappointed that you have never latched on to the long history of Congress’ failure to honor and obey the part of Article V of the Constitution that gives Americans the right to a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution – an alternative to Congress proposing amendments. Interestingly, the particular amendment that you favor will probably never emerge from Congress, but might have a better chance through an Article V convention.

    Why have you failed to acknowledge that Congress has ignored over 500 applications from state legislatures from all 50 states for an Article V convention? As a champion of the Constitution, surely you know that the one and only requirement explicitly stated in Article V is that two-thirds of state legislatures ask for one. And surely you know that Congress has never passed any law that expands or modifies this single explicit constitutional requirement. So, I ask you Congressman Paul: Why have you remained silent on the Article V issue?

    If you do not believe that Congress should honor Article V’s provision for a convention, why not say so publicly? If you believe that it should never be used, then why not call for an amendment to delete it from our Constitution?

    Please Congressman Paul, as a champion of the Constitution, do not behave like other members of Congress and silently veto a crucial part of the Constitution that the Framers wisely gave us. They anticipated that eventually Americans could lose confidence in the federal government. You clearly have earned the respect and support of millions of Americans because you object to so many policies and actions of the federal government. Thus, you, more than virtually any other member of Congress, should appreciate the wisdom of the Framers in giving us the Article V convention option.

    I beg you to speak up and demonstrate just how much of a champion of the Constitution you really are by bringing national attention to the Article V convention issue and supporting its use. As a founder of Friends of the Article V Convention ( I invite you to play a leading role in giving the United States of America its first Article V convention.

    [The author had the pleasure of a private meeting with Congressman Paul about a year ago to discuss his book Delusional Democracy – Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government: He serves as National Press Secretary of Friends of the Article V Convention:]

  18. Big Dog says:

    Nice letter. The 14th Amendment does not require modification. It was written to exclude birthright citizenship and has been misapplied by the SCOTUS. The 14th Amendment does not give citizenship to those born here of non citizens. The problem with any part of our legal system is that judges refuse to read and apply items just as those who wrote them expected them to be carried out. Subject to the jurisdiction thereof means has no allegiance to any other nation (as in a subject of the US). Read this for more information.

  19. Convention Dangerous.

    A constitutional convention would be the thing that the Globalists would just like to hijack. They have tried to bring this about in years past. When I was “waking up” I went to a bookstore to buy “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.” This was back in about 1990 or ’91, perhaps even early ’92. The day I went into this book store activists were in great alarm, as Utah treasonous Senator Orrin Hatch had made an emergency flight from Washington DC to Utah (where he spends very little time) in order to “twist political arms” in the State Legislature in order to get them to pass approval for a Constitutional Convention. True Patriots were alarmed, and with Hatch’s nefarious influence, this damned ammendment nearly passed the legislature, bringing the number of states approving such an abomination increasingly closer.

    We don’t need a convention, as the Globalists want that. I have seen and have in my posession (somewhere among my books and papers) some of these damned Constitutions the globalists want to put forth in such a convention.

    In a day when David Rockefeller boasts of “conspiring” against the United States and of being part of a “secret cabal” working to bring about a “new world,” we need not get sucked into the trojan horse of a convention.

    We need a restoration of the 18th century constitution. That I would not argue with, but oh, the danger of a convention that so easily would work to the full destruction and overthrow of the 1787 divinely inspired document that Gadstone said was the best ever struck off by man.

    Clearly we are in great danger today, of that there is no argument.

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