Roger Moore Is No James Bond

The Orlando Sentinel has a reporter named Roger Moore. This man has the same name as, perhaps the best James Bond ever, but he lacks the chivalry of the man with whom he shares a name. Moore the actor was a gentleman and always treated the ladies well. Moore the writer is a jackass who mis-characterizes people’s lives for pure sport. There is a post by Greta Van Susteren that discusses the issue at hand.

Ms. Van Susteren’s father worked for Joe McCarthy a very long time ago. She was less than three years of age when McCarthy died. The history of her family and this era is public knowledge and Ms. Van Susteren has condemned what McCarthy did in one of her books. Yet Mr. Moore chose to neglect his duties as a journalist and did not do research before writing. He wrote a pretty vile thing about Ms. Van Susteren:

“Johnson entertains by showing how the decades haven’t altered the teams in this war for America’s political soul. McCarthy’s best friend, the man who loaned him a copy of “Mein Kampf,” was a fellow Wisconsin conservative, Urban Van Susteren. Progressives won’t be surprised that Greta Van Susteren, a FOX News mainstay and Urban’s daughter, grew up in a home with a cherished edition of Hitler’s famous template for fascist political organization and bigoted scapegoating.”

Now I don’t know either of these people. Of course I am familiar with Ms. Van Susteren but I would not know Moore if I walked past him. I will say though, he should seek therapy for this unprovoked attack. This jackass was not gentlemanly (and is probably not manly either). The person who is the adult in all of this is Ms. Van Susteren.

If it were I, I would want to ring this geek’s pencil neck. She has legal options available to her but all she wants is an apology. She has stated that people make mistakes and she is willing to forgive and forget if he apologizes. Of course she wants the apology in the same format that the article appeared and that is in the paper and on the Internet. If you ask me this is mighty big of her and he should take her up on the offer.

Mr. Moore, what do you say you act like a gentleman and apologize to the nice lady. And do yourself and your readers a favor and research before you write. Make sure your brain is engaged before you start typing.

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  1. patd95 says:

    The Orlando Pravda is a great paper…thoroughly absorbent and perfect for the bottom of any bird cage!