Rock, Paper, Scissors, GUN

We all know the game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock beats scissors, scissors, beats paper and paper beats rock. Evidently, according to the Department of Homeland Security, Scissors also beats gun.

In an active shooter video the DHS recommends, if you can’t hide (and cower in fear) and you must confront the shooter then you should grab a pair of scissors. Let me start off by saying that IF you are unarmed and you think you will be close enough to the shooter when the confrontation takes place then scissors are certainly a viable option as would be a chair, a letter opener or a coat rack. Any item in the office that can be used as a weapon should be used as a weapon.

I certainly find no fault with the idea of hiding with a makeshift weapon and attacking the shooter by surprise. DHS wants you to hide and stay hidden and only attack if there is no other option. They have names for people who do this.

We call them the recently departed.

I also point out that scissors do no good unless you are within arms reach of the shooter and can attack him before he shoots. If you are farther away when he sees you then he has the upper hand and your scissors will do you no good.

I personally prefer to be armed with a firearm. If a shooter somehow makes it into my workplace I want to be able to shoot him before he causes mayhem. If one soldier at Fort Hood had been armed then many of our best and brightest would still be alive and we would not be looking at a circus of a trial. Hasan was taken down by an armed police officer but not until 13 had been murdered.

People with firearms stop millions of crimes each and every day. We do not hear about those because they do not fit the agenda. Instead, the Obama stenographers in the media drone on and on about the loser who shot up a mall or a school. We have their names and faces all over the news and we can recall them because they are given the spotlight.

No one can name the people who stopped mass shootings. This video makes a great point, can you name the guy who stopped the shooter who shot Giffords? How about the one who stopped the theater shooting or the mall shooting? Can you name the people who have prevented mass shootings or stopped them from being worse?

No, but we know the names of the mentally deranged who caused the mess.

My advice is that you don’t play rock, paper scissors with a person who has a gun. In a pinch any weapon of opportunity will do but…

The only thing that will absolutely stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

It is best to avoid having a victim mentality because those who think like victims will become victims.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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2 Responses to “Rock, Paper, Scissors, GUN”

  1. Real Deal says:

    The ironic thing that they left out is that in our current bubble wrapped litigation heavy world there are no sharp scissors in schools. There are also few in the work place since many employers are afraid of getting sued if someone gets cut or stabbed with them.

  2. Blake says:

    Since the Second Amendment makes no provision for “concealed carry”, but just says we have the right to carry, whether openly or not, I do- I need no “blessing” from government asshats in order to exercise my constitutional rights, no matter what jugears has to say.