Roberts Has Insight

There has been a lot of speculation as to what goes on inside the head of John Roberts, President Bush’s nominee to the SCOTUS. The left has requested every paper he has ever written including his third grade spelling quizzes so that they may better understand this man and what goes on in his mind. They want to know how he will rule on matters that might come before him and they Want to know where he stands. Amazingly, even John Kerry wants ALL of Roberts’ writings (perhaps he would have a better chance if he actually released his military records, all of them that is).

I know that not all records will be released and that is proper. No matter what the donks want, some things need to remain confidential. However, there is one thing that Roberts wrote a long time ago that shows he has insight, especially with regard to Michael Jackson.

On April 30, 1984, Roberts wrote to oppose a presidential award that was to have been given to Jackson for his efforts against drunk driving. Roberts particularly objected to award wording that described Jackson as an “outstanding example” for American youth.

Roberts wrote: “If one wants the youth of America and the world sashaying around in garish sequined costumes, hair dripping with pomade, body shot full of female hormones to prevent voice change, mono-gloved, well, then, I suppose ‘Michael,’ as he is affectionately known in the trade, is in fact a good example. Quite apart from the problem of appearing to endorse Jackson’s androgynous life style, a Presidential award would be perceived as a shallow effort by the President to share in the constant publicity surrounding Jackson. . . . The whole episode would, in my view, be demeaning to the President.”

I am sure that the left will spin this into some kind of race thing but the fact is Roberts made a great point when he said that others have done just as much and are not recognized. His opinion was that the President was trying to tag on to the popularity and attention that followed Jackson. I think Roberts showed insight in that he objected to Jackson as an outstanding example for the American youth.

Given the allegations of sexual misconduct with children it would seem that Roberts was on to something. In case anyone missed it, Jackson has another accuser. We are now up to at least three young men accusing Jackson of sexual abuse. Roberts was very intuitive when he objected to this award. When he is confirmed, perhaps he will do a great job after all.

Read it here.

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