Robert F Kennedy and Global Warming

There is a post from Robert F Kennedy’s blog and it came via the Huffington “Daily Brief”. The title of the blog entry is “For the Last Stubborn Holdouts on Global Warming…” Here is what Kennedy had to say about the unusual warmth that has enveloped the northeast:

Last week I saw robins and bluebirds in upstate New York where they don’t usually arrive before April. Crocuses and daffodils were in bloom everywhere. A friend ate asparagus he harvested in the normally frozen Catskills in the first week of January. Turtles in downstate New York, like bears in Scandinavia, forgot to hibernate for the first time in human history…

…seismic shifts in global weather patterns are already dramatically altering the local ecosystems that for eons have defined America’s landscape. Nature has achieved a balance that has been relatively stable for 20,000 years. The reliable milestones of its annual rhythms–like flowers blooming and robins returning in the spring, and animals hibernating in winter–form the pulse and fabric of the passing years. They connect us to our history, give context to our communities and form the foundation of American culture, our art, literature, poetry and architecture.

The first thing that I want to know is how does Kennedy know that it is the first time in history that bears forgot to hibernate. I know that Ted is old but he has not been around long enough to actually verify this. This article is designed to dupe those among us who fall for these mindless games. This is like when one of them spoke of global warming on the coldest day of the year. It is a ruse, a sham, and people should realize that there is no cause/effect relationship between the events. It is warmer than usual but that does not mean it is because of global warming. It is speculation but it makes them feel good and it fools people who are not bright enough to see that these events are not necessarily related. The people who believe this are the same kind who will not ask about the bears and hibernation.

So, let me address what Kennedy did not so I can give you the fair and balanced report. I saw ice storms throughout the Midwest. I saw ice storms destroying produce in California. I see on the news that cars are sliding all over the icy roads and that nearly 60 people have been killed as a result of the ice storms. I see that thousands of people are without power and heat and they are trying to survive as record ice storms and cold weather grip part of the nation. I see places that do not normally get this kind of weather suffer from it and I see that the northeast has been hit by the same storm system and that schools were closed because of the ice.

So, how is it that global warming allowed Kennedy to see this warmth and I see cold and ice? Perhaps it is because weather comes and goes in patterns and sometimes they are hot and sometimes they are cold. I know that under global warming there can not be ice storms because according to Al Gore the ice caps are melting. I also know that those who believe this pseudoscience will say that global warming is responsible for the ice storms. You can not have it both ways. Either global warming, by definition, can not be global icing.

I guess I am still a hold out and always will be. I see this as an abnormal weather pattern that has brought both unusual warmth and terrible cold. I see it as nature and not caused by man or what man is doing. I, unlike Kennedy, do not suffer from clouded judgment and political agenda. I also am not fooled by the dinginess of the liberal wackos who want me to believe that because I drive an SUV I made it warmer but their air travel all over has done nothing to influence the environment. My position is that neither did much to influence the environment but if they are right then they are the ones messing things up.

It will be 17 degrees tonight where I live. It was warmer last week but now it is getting colder. Maybe I can get people to believe we are really heading for a new ice age and make a movie (and lots of money) about it.

Hey Robert, stick to something you Kennedys actually know about, like substance abuse.

For you doubters, here are a few links:
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UPDATE:Snow in Malibu? It is Global Warming Robert.

The last snowfall recorded at Los Angeles International Airport was in January 1962, according to the National Weather Service. Trace amounts — less than 0.5 inches — were reported, according to the NWS. NBC weather plus

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