Riding Through This World, All Alone

Anyone who watched the television show Sons of Anarchy knows it was full of violence. The show depicts a biker gang and its criminal pursuits. The “motorcycle club”, along with rival and sometimes ally biker gangs sells drugs, gets involved in pornography, traffics firearms and in the murder of people, and lots of them.

It was a television show so the world it depicted was supposed to be violent. It was supposed to push the envelope for the entertainment value.

I admit to enjoying the show. I could never live that kind of life but I enjoyed watching these truly dysfunctional people and their exploits. It was great to see these outlaw bikers killing each other each week.

I even commented to my son that the tragedy is there are really these kinds of gangs in the world.

And there are.

In Waco Texas as many as five rival biker gangs had an altercation at a restaurant that spilled outside. The fight went from fists, feet and chains to guns in real short order. When all was said and done nine bikers had been killed and nearly 200 arrested.

People who are not part of the gangs had to hide in the freezer at the restaurant to avoid the violence.

If these Sons of Anarchy wannabes have a desire to murder each other then let them have at it. However, they could have the common decency to do so in an isolated area where people who have nothing to do with them will not be in danger.

These guys let a lot of ammo fly in their fracas and many innocent people could have been killed.

These biker gangs are not a group of angels and they give motorcycle clubs in general a bad name. These guys deal drugs and weapons and they murder without a second thought. They are the true to life people I commented on to my son.

They think the rules and laws of a civil society do not apply to them.

I hope those arrested spend a very long time in jail. It is too bad more of them did not kill each other so numbers would be reduced.

There are plenty of motorcycle clubs in this country that do wonderful things for the communities in which they live. They provide for the poor, they provide for veterans and they follow laws. I have spent time with hundreds, if not thousands, of these folks at military funerals and during events in Washington DC. They are generally good folks trying to make a difference.

Cretins like those who chose to have the shootout at the Waco corral have no regard for life and do not deserve to be part of society.

Here is a clue for them. if you want to fight go pick some isolated part of the desert and have at it. When you are done gather up your survivors and leave the dead behind.

The buzzards have to eat too.

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3 Responses to “Riding Through This World, All Alone”

  1. Barbara says:

    They all are dangerous , to bad they do not release that violence on some Race Baiters.

  2. john says:

    But of course under the 2nd amendment they do have rights to carry “arms”