Revuum Jessie Jackson, Idiot of the Season

The Revuum Jessie Jackson has made a living extorting money from companies by threatening to label them with the racist tag. He has done well by earning a fortune for doing no work whatsoever. Mr. Jackson goes around the country forcing companies to pay him off so that he will not play the race card, something he does quite well.

This man is suppose to be a reverend, you know, a person of religious values who preaches to a congregation. The only congregation he preaches to are the pathetic people who believe he wants a better life for blacks in this country. Mr. Jackson, as reported in Dereliction of Duty, treats blacks in lower paying positions like his personal servants. He does not want them to succeed because he would have nothing more to exploit.

Now what has this idiot done? NewsMax is reporting that Revuum Jackson is comparing President Bush’s policies to those of ancient Rome. Policies that forced baby Jesus into homelessness. He states that the Bush policies are the same kind of policies that made Jesus be born an at risk baby. Remember, this man is suppose to be a religious leader. Perhaps it would do him well to read the Bible. Perhaps he should brush up on the story of the birth of the Christ child. I think, I wasn’t there, but I think Jesus was homeless because his family had to flee so that he would not be killed. The Romans were killing all boys born at that time to ensure the messiah would not survive. Jesus was an at risk baby (if you want to use that term) because a bunch of bad men wanted to kill him. That reminds me, there are a lot of bad men that want to kill our children, and the rest of us for that matter. They are called terrorists.

Jackson is too busy knocking up women who are not his wife and having them give birth to illegitimate children and extorting money from major corporations to actually read any of that pesky religious stuff. Perhaps if he were reading the Bible he would have come across that “thou shalt not commit adultery” thing. Then he would have stayed home and learned about the plight of baby Jesus. He would not have had to make lame comparisons to Rome and President Bush.

Mr. Jackson also took the opportunity to bash the President for tax cuts and no-bid contracts. Mr. Jackson pays little if any income taxes on the money he extorts from major corporations. The reason this man does not want tax cuts is because he does not pay taxes. So it does not affect him. He can go out and run his mouth because he is a typical do as I say liberal jackass. Perhaps Revuum Jackson would care to open his financial records to the public and show all of us how he evades taxes and bilks the system. That won’t happen. The minute you ask he will call you a racist. Hey Jackson, why don’t you pay taxes you jerk? There Revuum, call me what you like but you are still screwing the people.

No-bid contracts go to companies who are the only source of what you need. His reference was to Haliburton, the donks favorite hot button. First of all, Haliburton had people in place to the job, they are the best equipped (if not the only) ones to do the job, and their KBR subsidiary has a great deal of experience delivering the services needed at that particular time. Secondly, I have never heard Jackson or any of the other idiot donks talk about the fact that Clinton awarded Haliburton a no-bid contract when we attacked Serbia. The award was based on the same reasons. It was OK when Billy Bubba did it but not when Bush did??

Jackson is an idiot and he should dry up and blow away. Perhaps if he actually spent time in Church acting like a reverend and not like a politician he would not have an illegitimate baby that is being supported with extorted money. Perhaps he would stop oppressing blacks for his own personal gain, and perhaps he would actually know something about religion.

You can read the story here.

BTW, There are many companies that cave in to Jackson’s extortion. I understand that Verizon will have a shareholder vote to decide if they should continue to pay him. I’ll bet they vote not to. Also, I will not knowingly patronize any company that caves in to Jackson and his thugs. I recommend you take a similar stance. If we work together we can get rid of this idiot jackass once and for all.

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