Retraction, As Promised

Some time ago I wrote a post about an email I received asking me to become involved in VOLPAC from a gentleman claiming to work for the Majority Leader. I indicated that I tried to verify the information and was unable to do so and my post indicated I thought the person was some jackass trying to harvest my email address. I also wrote this in the post:

Of course if this turns out to be legit later I will write a retraction.

I received an email from the gentleman again and it was a VOLPAC email. He indicated that he had not gotten my email request and we agreed that this was a misunderstanding. He also gave me the names of several blogs with whom they have worked and I have contacted them for a reference.

It appears that the person who sent the email was being honest so I must retract my claim that he is a jackass who should be shot.

My apologies,
Big Dog

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One Response to “Retraction, As Promised”

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