Requiring An ID Is Racist And Discriminates Against The Poor

This has been the rallying cry among the left and its surrogates who oppose any kind of law that requires an ID to vote. Voting is one of the most important civil exercises in which people participate and it is important to ensure only those who are entitled to vote do so. This is not acceptable to the liberal left and the reason is simple. Yes, the left claims that the ID requirement is racist and affects minorities and poor people but the reality is the left opposes ID laws because those laws make it more difficult for people to cheat.

Democrats have a long history of ballot box stuffing, suddenly finding enough ballots to push a Democrat over the edge and allowing the illegal aliens as well as the dead to vote. These are undeniable truths and this is why liberals oppose voter ID laws.

The unions are heavily involved in Democrat vote cheating schemes and the union bosses oppose voter ID requirements. This is ironic because unions require an ID before anyone can vote in union elections. That’s right, whenever unions have a vote on an issue the people who want to vote MUST show an ID.

It is important to unions that people who are not supposed to vote on an issue are kept from doing so. Strangely, unions do not feel the same way when it comes to the integrity of the election process in this country.

The Democrats oppose voter ID BUT the Democrats require a government issued ID be presented to attend the Democrat National Convention. Yep, if you want to attend that event you will have to present a valid ID. Obviously the Democrats want to preserve the sanctity of their convention but have little regard for the integrity of the elections in the country.

Democrats have called the voter ID schemes racist and have made bizarre claims that people will not be able to get IDs and those people will be the poor and minorities who tend to vote Democrat.

The people attending the Democrat Convention tend to vote Democrat and must show an ID to attend. This begs the question; are Democrats racist and are they trying to disenfranchise and exclude minorities and poor people?

One must show an ID to enter a government building, get on a plane, buy alcohol or tobacco, register for school, join the military, register for sports, cast union votes and enter the Democrat Convention but an ID to vote in an election is somehow a burden.

The reason voter ID is opposed is clear. Democrats cheat and they do not want barriers to their illegal voting schemes erected.

The time to reform is now. States need to pass laws requiring an ID to vote and states need to tell the federal courts that they do not intend to follow any ruling that removes a voter ID requirement. States need to reassert their power over the federal government and we the people need to show them who their bosses are.

We are in charge and they work for us.

We need to dictate the rules and they need to mind their own business.

Remember, requiring an ID is like raping someone…
Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Requiring An ID Is Racist And Discriminates Against The Poor”

  1. Blake says:

    Don’t get me started about the Unions- I feel that all union bosses should get Stalinist treatment- a ride to the woods and then a hole behind their left ear- it’s the least we should do- but no, that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?