Requesting ID Is Racist?

Eric Holder and the other race hustlers on the left have convinced people that requiring ID to vote is racist and disenfranchises people. This flies in the face of reality because many of the people who would allegedly be disenfranchised have ID. None of them ever cry about needing ID to get welfare or board a plane, buy liquor or tobacco products or any of the dozens of other things that an ID is needed for.

No, they happily provide ID and no one ever cries about racism or being disenfranchised.

This is all a smoke screen to protect those who should not vote but do and the reason is simple. Those folks vote for Democrats. Democrats know that requiring an ID to vote would cost them votes. This is not racism and it is not disenfranchising. It is simply ensuring the law is followed and that the one person one vote principle is followed so long as the one person is legally allowed to vote. It is quite simple and is no more an impediment to voting than requiring an ID to buy alcohol is an impediment to those who are legally allowed to drink.

You know that it is all a sham and it is easy to see. One must present an ID to get into the building where Eric Holder works.

One must present an ID to get into the Democrat Convention.

And one must provide an ID to get a book signed by Michelle Obama.

This is all an elaborate game designed to protect those among us who break the law by voting when they are not allowed to do so. The Democrats want to protect their base and they want to ensure they get as many votes as possible whether they are legal or not.

If they really think IDs are racist and that it disenfranchises people to request an ID then perhaps they would take things further by removing ID requirements all together. No more ID to buy alcohol or tobacco, no more ID to enter government buildings, no ID to enter the Democrat Convention and no ID to get on a plane.

That will never happen but Democrats will fight tooth and nail to keep states from requiring an ID to vote.

Their hypocrisy never ends.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Requesting ID Is Racist?”

  1. Joe says:

    I have a “Voter Notification Card” issued by Montgomery County Maryland that states very clearly at the top “Bring Card To Your Polling Place On Election Day.” Why? In voting for 48 years in the Peoples Republic of Maryland I have NEVER been asked to show identification. And only in one precinct over all those years did the individuals working the polls have any idea who I was. They only identified me by the answers I gave to a couple of innocuous questions.

    But, of course, there is no voter fraud in Maryland so who the f… cares. (turn sarcasm off). I guess if it really mattered I could probably present a few fake birth certificates that show I am eligible to vote on all 23 counties & Baltimore City. Opps, forgot — I’m not a registered DemonRat.

    • Big Dog says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Joe. I hope you will visit often. I live in the People’s Republic of Maryland as well and I have never had to show ID. I could have voted for people in my family or anyone whose address and birthday I knew. I would not break the law like that but There are a number who would and who DO. I find it strange that I have to shgow ID to get into state government buildings and to get on a plane but not to vote.

      Any politician who is opposed to requiring an ID to vote is anti American and wants to benefit from the corruption in the system. That includes Martin O’Moron and all the others who think there is not a problem.

      Tell a cop you don’t have to show ID when he asks for it and see what happens…

  2. Blake says:

    The only people who think this is a racist policy are the dems who want to hold people ignorant and just get them to blindly vote dem- a dumb choice if ever there was one.