Republicans Need To Take No Prisoners

The Republicans are in control of the House and the Senate and on the 20th they will also have the White House so I do not want to hear anything about compromise or working together or any other blather that involves appeasing Democrats.

Every time Republicans are in charge the Democrats tell us there is a mandate to work together. Bull squirt. There is no such mandate. The mandate is that Trump and the Republicans are charged with changing things from the screwed up mess the Democrats have made over the last eight years. If the mandate was more of the same Hillary would have won.

There obviously MUST be a mandate to do everything different or else a man who never held a political office would not have beaten a seasoned criminal, err politician like Clinton.

Democrats do not want to work together and when they win they make sure to let us know their mandate is to ignore us. Hell, when they lose they don’t want to work together. Take upchuck Schumer for example.

For the past ten months he has been screaming that the Senate needs to do its job and give Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court a vote. Now that Trump won Schumer is vowing not to confirm Trump’s nominee (whoever that will be).

Now it bothers me not one bit that Republicans kept Obama’s pick out off the Court and it won’t bother me that Schumer will try to do the same with Trump’s, with one small difference. I did not oppose what Republicans did, Schumer did. Now he is saying he will do that which he opposed and every liberal who screamed at what Republicans did will back Schumer 100%.

I hope the Democrats do all they can to obstruct. I want Republicans to engage in no holds barred, no prisoners taken, all out warfare. I want them to exercise the nuclear option for every one of Trump’s picks for any position. When Democrats complain they can be told to sit down and shut up because they enacted the nuclear option.

Then I want Republicans to extend the nuclear option to include Supreme Court nominees and push through all of Trump’s picks. The Democrats will squawk but they opened that door. Hell, if we are lucky Trump will be able to replace every aging POS liberal currently on the SCOTUS and keep the Court from liberal influence for a generation or two.

I also want to see the Republicans use reconciliation to get rid of Obamacare. It is true that Democrats did not use it to PASS Obamacare but they used it to get things thrown in after it was passed. They also used parliamentary procedures to get the damn thing passed in the first place. They thought they had it in the bag until Scott Brown won the seat held by Ted Kennedy. Once Brown won they decided to use the Senate bill and craft the House to match it as their reconciliation process. Hell, the bill did not even originate in the House which violates the Constitution.

Republicans should dismantle Obamacare (which has been anything but affordable) and get rid of it quickly.

There are, of course, stories about Republicans being worried that this will go away and there will be nothing to replace it and they will get blamed for taking away people’s health care. I believe this is the case because Republicans are basically cowards who are afraid of looking like the bad guy.

I would like to see it go away and NOT be replaced. Government has no business in providing or facilitating the health care of citizens. It has no Constitutional duty or authority to establish or pay for the health care of people so it should not be involved in it.

The same holds true for Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid but those were pushed in and no one challenged them. Now they are nearly impossible to get rid of even though getting rid of them would be better for people.

The Democrats knew once people got a taste of the free stuff (which is not free) they would balk at anyone trying to take it away. People feel entitled to things and they feel particularly entitled to things that others have to pay for. Bernie Sanders is an example of this mindset.

I think people should be responsible for their own health care and government’s only duty is to ensure that companies are unencumbered in pursuing the business of those who wish to purchase insurance.

In any event, the longer this monstrosity is around the harder it will be to get rid of and the more expensive it will become.

It is time to turn back all the things the liberals have done. It is time to live in accordance with the Constitution and it is time to shut little whiners like upchuck Schumer up from the get go.

Make him sit in the corner and play with his safety pin while the adults set about fixing things.

Republicans, be ruthless or we will send you packing.

In other words folks, we have them down. Time to step on their throats.

The New York Times (note how they make it seem like a bad thing when Republicans do it)

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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