Republicans Had Better Wake Up

In 1994 the Republicans needed to take 40 seats to gain control of the House. No one thought that was possible and yet they did it. In 2006 the Democrats only need to take 15 seats to regain control. This is much more manageable than the 40 needed in 1994 and yet some people act like it can not happen. They had better think again.

The American public believes what it is told over and over again. With a drive-by media that continually reports bad news from Iraq while ignoring the many good things taking place and reporting on low approval numbers indicating a Democratic take over, many Americans might believe that this is what the majority of the country wants and actually vote to make that happen. People start to believe what they are told over and over again.

The Republican party has to play the game the same way that the Democrats do with regard to being ruthless. The Republicans should not go out and lie, which is a favorite Democratic game plan. Instead, they need to stick to the issues and they need to point out where Democrats have flip-flopped in order to gain political advantage. The republicans need to bang the points that make Democrats look unfavorable.

  • Continually point out who voted to go to war, especially if they are now against it
  • Point out how the party of tolerance fired its adviser on gay rights because his gay partner said something unflattering about Howard Dean
  • Show that corruption spans the isles and that Democrats ignore their own. Point out Harry Reid’s involvement with Abramoff, Kennedy’s special treatment in the potential DUI, and McKinney’s lack of respect for the law
  • Point out where they have changed their minds on important issues like ILLEGAL immigration, tax cuts, the war, and spending
  • Point out pork laden spending involving Democrats

These are just a few items that will help the Republicans. They can not wait until it is too late. They must start banging away at the Democrats and making them look as bad as they are. Pelosi and her business dealings, Feinstien and her business dealings, Kerry and his avoidance of taxes, and Kennedy’s reluctance to allow wind mills in his home town are all areas that show hypocrisy. The Republicans need to mount a charge and keep pressing the issues. The more Democrats that are forced to go into defense the fewer there will be launching an offense based upon half truths and lies. It might also be helpful if we can show what Democrats have financial holdings in oil companies.

If the Democrats take control there will once again be high taxes and business will falter. The stock market will probably not do as well and the vindictive Democrats will launch investigation after investigation in an effort to impeach George Bush. They will bring this country to a halt. As the minority they have already given new meaning to gridlock. If they are in control they will ramp up their efforts to socialize this country and it will spell disaster for all of us. They are weak on national security and they will hurt us if they regain control.

Source: Washington Post

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