Republicans are Incompetent, Except at Stealing Elections

I visited a web page for a group calling themselves voters unite. They talk about the 2004 election and the use of electronic voting machines. If you just glance at their site you are given the impression that they are concerned about the process in general. Upon closer scrutiny it was apparent that they are yet another group unhappy with the election results.

They call for visitors to unite for recounts in key states. They list all (all that they know of) irregularities in the last election. The strange thing is that they do not list any problems encountered by the republican voters. I know there were problems in a lot of places but you will never convince me that democrats were the only ones who faced them. I did not read every entry so perhaps they point out problems republicans had, if so, there are not many. I also do not believe in their conspiracy theory suggestion that the republicans stole the election.

I seems amazing to me that the same groups of people who said the republicans were incompetent and could not run this country are suggesting the republicans were organized enough to use widespread fraud and corruption to steal the presidential election. Many of the so called problems are from first hand accounts of people who claim they voted for Kerry and their vote jumped to Bush. There are many of these. Once again we are suppose to believe that the elections were stolen rather than some people are too stupid to vote. Given that the DNC had a play book that called for voters to allege intimidation and wrong doing even if it does not exist I have a hard time giving much credibility to these allegations.

Let’s face up to facts, some people are stupid and can not figure out how to operate the machine. Some people can not read the directions (thanks teacher’s unions) and therefore they cannot properly fill out a ballot. This pretty much falls in line with the democrats play book. It is always someone else’s fault. These people must be victims. If all these jackasses were really concerned about fair voting they would stop disenfranchising the military and they would also require proof of citizenship and a photo ID to vote. This will never happen because it is only cheating when the donks lose.

Perhaps they should come up with a literacy test for voting. Before you register you have to take the test. If you fail it, you can’t vote. That way we can keep stupid people from causing so many problems. Maybe while we are at it we can have those who are too stupid to vote sterilized so they cannot reproduce.

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