Republican Women For Obama Are Democrats…

There is a new ad out featuring a few women who claim to be Republicans who are so upset with the far right turn of the Republican party they are being forced to vote for Barack Obama. MSNBC played the ad quite a bit and why wouldn’t they? After all, any chance to show that Republican women are coming to their senses and abandoning the party is right up their alley.

The only problem is that two of the Republican women featured in the ad are Democrats who support Barack Obama. Yep, the Dems can’t find any Republican women who are joining team Obama so they just invented a few.

They also invented a guy whose wife was killed by Mitt Romney a few weeks back. In fact, they invented the lie that they did not know about the guy or his story and even stuck to that line after it was shown they were lying.

It seems to me that all the Obama ads are full of lies.

Then again, Obama is full of lies.

On another note, supermodel Cindy Crawford who supported Obama in 2008 appears to be supporting Mitt Romney in 2012. She is featured in a Romney fundraising video.

So Obama invents Republican women who are leaving the party while Romney actually has a female who supported Obama in the past but is now supporting Romney.

No wonder team Obama feels it necessary to lie…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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