Remember When You Only Worried About The Conduct Of The Athletes

Two cheerleaders from the Carolina Panthers were arrested early Monday Sunday morning, one for battery and one for disorderly conduct, in a bar in Florida. It seems that the cheerleaders were engaged in some kind of sexual activity in a restroom stall and someone got tired of waiting to use the facility. Some words were exchanged and one of the cheerleaders punched the woman in the face with a closed fist. The cheerleaders were arrested and face assault charges. In addition, one of them could be charged with lying to police because she gave another cheerleaders name when questioned. Remember, it is OK for the police to lie to you but you are not allowed to lie to them.

What is going on in professional sports? Remember the days when it was only the athletes who were getting in trouble? Now the cheerleaders have gotten into the act. Given what they were allegedly doing in the stall someone had better check to see if they are not really Minnesota Viking cheerleaders.

Well, if the youth of America has not been let down by the poor examples set for them by most professional athletes they are sure to be none the better by the examples set by these two stellar performers.


BTW, they sure look better in the team photo than in the mugshot!

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