Remember, They Support the Troops

The Democrats support the troops and how dare anyone suggest otherwise. Just because they are trying to bring them home in defeat and vote against money for their mission does not, in any way, indicate that they do not have the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform. They said they support them now leave it alone.

This does not apply to military officers, it would seem. Those who support the war and who are serving in high level positions are now coming under fire from the left. Military officers used to be left alone, they were confirmed for a post and served, then they moved on. They are not elected officials and they are professionals who know their jobs. Unfortunately, if they support their troops and their Commander in Chief, they are targets for the left.

General Pace will not be reconfirmed as Chairman Joint Chiefs because of political games. He did a fine job and served more honorably in the Marines than any bozo in Congress has ever served as an elected official. Here are a few indications of how the Democrats support the troops:

On Friday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates made the stunning announcement that he would not recommend Pace to serve a second two-year term as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Marine Corps four-star general had not been a target previously of Democrats’ ire on the war, but Gates said lawmakers made it clear the confirmation process would be ugly.

“It would be a backward looking and very contentious process,” Gates said at a Pentagon news conference. My Way News


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “incompetent” during an interview Tuesday with a group of liberal bloggers, a comment that was never reported.

Reid made similar disparaging remarks about Army Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, said several sources familiar with the interview. The Politico

Looking at this who do we see in the mix? Ole cut and run, the war is lost, Harry Reid. Reid does not support the troops and all he cares about is his ability to appease the Democratic base. These are the people who want us out of Iraq and who have been beating up the Democrats for their inability to accomplish this. As Reid told them, the Democrats set the bar too high on this one. But that is not preventing Reid from blasting outstanding military officers in order to advance his political agenda of defeat.

It is amazing that we would have a guy like this in a leadership position, especially during a time of war. Harry Reid could not lead a group of people out of a burning building and I believe that stroke he had ruined the two brain cells he had in the peanut head of his.

Harry Reid is a disgrace to this country and I would love to see him and General Pace in a fist fight. Reid is from Nevada, I have $1000 says Pace would beat him like a drum.

Big Dog

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26 Responses to “Remember, They Support the Troops”

  1. steve dennis says:

    I suppose if anyone would know about incompetence it would be Harry Reid as he is the leader of the do nothing senate. He leads a senate where nothing has been passed. They made a big deal out of their first 100 hours, passing all this legislation, yet none of it has made it to the president’s desk. If anyone is incompetent it’s Harry Reid.
    I am so sick and tired of these people putting down our military and our country. It is absolutly unbelievable that Harry Reid would call Gen. Pace incompetent in the middle of a war. This just aids and comforts the enemy. The fact that they have to keep coming out and telling us they support the troops shows us that they know their actions proove otherwise.

  2. Billy Joe says:

    Um, guys? during John McCain’s campaign stops and in the debates, he has repeatedly said the war has been incompentently managed (without blaming the Commander-in-Chief, which would mean the Pentagon was incompetent).

    Pace himself said he was asked to leave. If the war was going well, why would the Administration ask him to leave? Read Pace’s own words here:


    My own Senator, Gordon Smith (Republican), said after the ’06 elections that the war is possibly being conducted with “criminal incompetence”.

    Sorry BD, this hardly constitutes a scandal and it doesn’t even warrant an apology. Maybe you should focus on the escalating violence in IRaq and the fact that we’re now arming the people (Saddam loyalists, Sunni Militia) that we just spent $1/2 trillion dollars to defeat. Such news seems more significant than the fact that a Democrat happened to say something that many Republicans have also been saying.

    Or do you not agree?

  3. Big Dog says:

    No Troll,
    You will not get away with twisting anything here. Pace was asked to leave because he was told by the Sec Def that his conformation would be messy, a warning that came from the Senate. The Senate does not want any Officers who are supporters of the President, which is stated in one of the articles. What is an officer supposed to do? The military is a non political branch and they support our president, even the last one who was incompetent.

    The Senate has made it clear that officers who support the president are going to have a hard time.

    McCain is running for president. Romney is now anti abortion, and John Kerry was a war hero after distancing himself from the war and deriding those fighting it. They all say a lot of things when they are running and McCain is playing up the war issue and trying to invoke his war creds.

    The war has been mismanaged. We should have used overwhelming force to get done what needed done. Regardless, members of Congress should not attack military officers who are not elected to office, they are appointed AND CONFIRMED by the Senate. If he was incompetent the Senate confirmed him that way.

    Pace was a class act when asked about the comment by Reid, that is how a professional acts.

    And no I don’t agree. We have spent half a trillion on the war, big deal. ILLEGALS have received nearly that much in Social Security benefits. One of these is authorized in the Constitution and the other is not.

    We have spent 13 trillion on the war on poverty and it has not solved poverty and we are paying (arming) those who are impoverished to sit home and remain that way. We need to end the war on poverty and all of its funding.

    And, NO REPUBLICAN has called any of these officers incompetent. You are reaching for that conclusion.

  4. Big Dog says:

    And Troll, hyperlink words, don’t put the raw url. Thanks

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  6. Billy Joe says:

    BD, why don’t you post us your illegal immigrant social security #s? I keep hearing about it but the only evidence on your site is from the unsourced e-mail that your friend sent to you.

    Regarding Iraq and Pace, perhaps a review of history would help you remember:

    “Obviously, the job performance and capabilities of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Senior Commander in a war are necessary topics for discussion. They’re not holy religious figures. Their job performance — which is what Reid addressed — is just as legitimate a source of criticism as any other government official. And it isn’t exactly scandalous to call into question the capabilities of those who have authored the greatest military disaster in our country’s history.

    But beyond that obvious point, the spectacle of George Bush’s press secretary lamenting attacks on military officers is just laughable. The President was re-elected following a political convention where his followers mocked John Kerry’s purple hearts by waiving around band-aids. And decorated war veterans from John Murtha to Max Cleland to Wes Clark have seen their character and integrity — not their mere competence — publicly mauled by the President’s political movement.

    And more specifically still, the President’s most vocal neoconservative war supporters have spent the last several years trying to shield themselves from blame for the Iraq disaster they unleashed by heaping all the blame on the incompetence of Generals Casey and Abizaid. In fact, the reason we have a General Petraeus is because war supporters blamed the problems in Iraq on the prior military leadership. Indeed, it became an Article of Faith among neoconservative adherents that their Brilliant Iraq Vision was marred by incompetent military leadership.”

  7. Big Dog says:

    Billy Troll,
    Are you a dumb ass or do you just act like one. I will type this slowly for you. There is a link in the post about what illegals cost and it will take you to the site with all the numbers.

    While it is obvious that millions of illegals are using someone else’s or phony social security numbers (as evidenced by their statements and arrests of illegals with fake cards or with equipment to make them) I never said anything about social security numbers. They are getting services that are costing us and they are services to which they should not be entitled. They have a jackpot baby and file for services and our stupid government pays them.

    As for Pace, are you a dumb ass on this one as well or did you not read where Gates informed him that the Senate was going to be tough because he supported the President and the war, not because he was ineffective and who the F*ck is Reid to call anyone incompetent? Reid is incompetent but Pace did a good job. The Democrats were burned because they easily confirmed Patreaus (sp) and then did not want to give him what he asked for and it made them look incompetent (this too is from one of the articles.

    As for John Kerry and the others, they were PUBLIC figures when they were attacked for their positions while running for office or while supporting someone running for office. I DEFY you to find where anyone talked about these people like Reid did Pace when they were in the service. Oh wait, Kerry defamed every service member by lying about them and accusing them of war crimes. Of course the only person who admitted to a war crime was Kerry and he was elected to office.

    Don’t try giving me this obvious comparisons when you are comparing apples and oranges. If Pace decides to run for public office then Reid can bash him. I want that no good cockroach Reid to show us where Pace has been incompetent. Careful with this one scooter.

  8. kender says:

    BJ, why wont you answer how big dog is a traitor?

    Until you can back that claim up all you say is suspect and not worth responding to, but since I am here you asshatted troll let me ask you this;
    If illegals aren’t using fraudulent numbers then explain this.

  9. Billy Joe says:

    So you’re not going to comment on McCain constantly saying the war was run incompetently? Or Gordon Smith (R-OR), saying that it may have even been run in a criminally incompentent manner? Or is your outrage reserved for the Dems only?

  10. kender says:

    why should I comment on what mccain says when I don’t care what he says….he isn’t goingto get the nod for the run at the office, he is an appeasing dumbass that only a twit like you would pay attention to…..what I am asking you, you lying little fu*kwit, is to back up your claim that big dog is a traitor.

    Pieces of lying scum such as yourself aren’t fit to lick clean the bungholes of people like big dog…….know when your betters are speaking little boy.

    Now what about that lie you are spreading? And while I have your ear again, have you seen a therapist about the unnatural attraction you have to your grandmother?

    I mean really dude, posting poems about her “drooping mams that swing so hypnotically” has got to be a cry for help on yoru part.

  11. Billy Joe says:


    did you even read the article you linked to? It simply confirmed what I think you guys are not understanding. You seem to be claiming that they are draining Social Sec but in fact, it’s the opposite. Social Security is taking from them and not giving it back.

    Read it closely – the illegals are using Social Security numbers to look legitimate, but they aren’t claiming the money because it would get them deported. So, to quote the article that you just posted the link for:

    “Social Security wins the game through maintaining a small pot of benefits that will never be tapped, because the workers who would receive them cannot report their earnings without fear of deportation.

    Estimates conducted by the SSA’s chief actuary, Stephen Goss, revealed that without the taxes levied on earnings in the suspense file, the long-term “funding hole” of the SSA benefit pool would shrink by as much as ten percent.

    The IRS wins because it collects the taxes withheld from fraudulent employee accounts without having to refund any of it, since no tax return is ever filed.

    In short, the earnings suspense file is the jackpot for a very profitable game in which everyone wins — everyone, that is, except consumers who have been victims of ID theft, and the undocumented immigrants who are forced to use false ID’s just to get a start in this country but who are not able to reap any of the benefits that accrue to others who pay into Social Security.”

  12. kender says:

    Oh no, don’t go twisting sh*t around you tard….you brought up the whole SS number thing…..that article PROVES that illegals are using fraudulent numbers.

    Now about that claim that big dog is a traitor….either retarct it, back it up or pray to ST.FU

  13. Billy Joe says:


    It says they’re using fraudulent Social Security numbers so that that they can pay into the system with no hopes of ever getting the money back out. In other words, Social Security is making billions off of them. it’s a negative that they may be using other people’s social security numbers but if you’re trying to argue that they are a net economic negative for the US, you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

    I already responded on my blog about the libby stuff. Go back and check it.

    You know Kender, among the knuckledraggers in the right-wing blogosphere, you’re among the most belligerently ignorant. I’ll have to get a post up about you sometime. Maybe you can share your worldview with us? Or better yet, maybe you could share your plan for Iraq with us? I’m sure no one would ever accuse you of being so stupid as to believe that we could simply “nuke” the middle east to solve our problems, would they?

  14. kender says:

    I didn’t say they were a drain on the economy (but its nice to know that you would exploit people for a better economy. why not just admit that you’d be happy with bringing back slavery…..hey if its good for the economy right?) and I am still asking you to point out exactly how big dog is a traitor.

    Come on little liar….what’s wrong, pants on fire?

  15. kender says:

    and go ahead and write whatever you wish to write….better minds than yours have attacked me. Son, you don’t know what a pile of sh*t you are stepping into….

  16. Big Dog says:

    The Illegals have hopes of collecting SS. The government has already determined they are entitled to it and as soon as the government makes them legal they will. Those are the ones who are hiding. Many illegals live in sanctuary cities and move about freely without fear. Those who do collect some type of SS benefit are those who have had an anchor baby and then applied for benefits to which the child is entitled. Billy, you asked for fraudulent numbers and Kender showed they use them. Now if you want each individual number I suspect you need to talk to a few federal agents because that would be illegal.

    The loss is money spent in social services and includes SS. As stated here:
    Total cost for social services including food stamps, AFDC, SSI, housing, Social Security, earned income tax credit, Medicaid, Medicare A & B, medical services in emergency rooms, increased local government services, and other programs. Includes costs of $4.3 billion annually due to unemployment payments made to American citizens who lost their jobs to illegal immigrants and the lost tax revenue and economic impact due to their unemployment.

    Another significant source of dollars remitted to Latin American countries is social security payments. Mexico receives the second highest social security payments worldwide, and the Dominican Republic is fourteenth on the list.

  17. Billy Joe says:

    I still don’t understand how a person using a social security number that isn’t theirs plans to claim the benefits and don’t think it’s well explained by either of you. AS the article states, it’s basically found money as far as the US gov’t is concerned – the “illegals” won’t be getting it back. I’ll check the other link you posted. I’ll freely admit, there may very well be problems with other social services (though I’d be more comfortable actually investigating it) but Social Security is not one of them.

    FWIW, Americans living overseas can often draw on social security payments in the US that they made in their hosting country thru something called Totalization agreements. I think that’s what you referring to and frankly, I don’t see a problem with it. We do it with European countries and some Asian countries and it benefits Americans who had to pay into those systems just as it benefits foreigners who worked in America and had to pay into the US system even though they would probably have never received US social security payments otherwise.


    Drop by my blog. You get a mention plus there is a brand-spanking new post about treason. Feel free to drop by and disabuse me of my notion of the law.

  18. Rosemary says:

    I do not like them. No. I do not like them at all. This is very low. I dare not say they couldn’t go any lower, because I would be a fool to believe so. Great article, chief. Congrats on your 100,000!

  19. Ogre says:

    Nice way to prove you’re a troll, Billy Joe. Way to completely change the topic in the comments. Instead of talking about the fact that Reid is a scumbag and doing everything he can to undermine ANY effort of the US Military, simply so he can beat Bush, you talk about Social Security Numbers.

    Reid is a scumbag, plain and simple. You can complain about your buddy McCain all you like, but this is clear and obvious political manuverings to destroy and undermine the military, nothing more. This isn’t the commander in chief saying that he wants to replace a general, it’s the Democrats saying they’re going to embarass Bush, no matter the cost in human lives.

  20. Big Dog says:

    I don’t know where troll gets his numbers or info (Howard Dean I suppose) but here is how ILLEGALS cost us in SS.

  21. Web Reconnaissance 06/18/2007…

    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention….

  22. Billy Joe says:


    I’ll check the link. I see it’s from the highly-respected NewsMax site, but I’ll check it out.

    Ogre, Kender and eveyrone else, drop by my blog. I have responded to the Reid “controversy”. Feel free to leave comments. What I’m understanding so far is if McCain says a commander is incompetent or Smith (R-OR) says they’re “criminal”, no one cares but if Reid says it, it’s politicization.

    Are there any circumstances under which a Democrat can criticize a government official, even if he’s in the military? Or should we just shut our mouth and let the Commander in Chief keep arming Saddamists, as they recently started doing, after spening $1/2 trillion to defeat the same people?

    Please drop by and leave comments:

    I’ll attempt to take you all on, without profanity.

  23. Big Dog says:

    How much money did we spend to defeat Japan and Germany? We have become allies with them and we have spent much more money rebuilding them and becoming allies. I am not sure i would trust these folks but if we can change their hearts and souls to fight against terror and for democracy then maybe we should try.

    I am not trusting of any of them and this could end badly but we did the same with the others who we have beaten in battle and now we live in peace with them.

  24. Billy Joe says:

    Germany and Japan are false analogies. Both countries actually stopped fighting us when the wars ended. A more accurate analogy is, unfortunately, Viet Nam. Iraq has a government that would have been toppled already had the US not been propping it up (like when we were in Vietnam), we’re stuck fighting insurgents, we’re even resurrecting the idea of strategic hamlets in the form of “gated” communities – using “Bremer” blast walls – to try to keep the different groups in Iraq separate from each other.

    I’ll try to find some info. about the financial cost, but I think we have actually spent more in Iraq than we have in WWII, when adjusted for inflation. And there is no sign of a let up.

    so just to see if I get your logic… if bin Laden promises to, say, destabilize the Iranian government, would that be OK, too? I’m trying to figure out when it’s OK to align ourselves with “terrorists” who have been killing us and when it’s not.

  25. Big Dog says:

    Contrary to what people think, we did not align ourselves with bin Laden.

    If we want analogies, none are accurate because CN, Germany and Japan were all vountries and these guys are from all over with no countries. The NVA used guerrilla warfare but were Vietnamese (and their allies).

    We lost how many lives in WWII? More on D Day than in this entire war.

  26. Billy Joe says:

    Well, we know that we use far more contractors in this war than any previous war and their deaths are not included in the totals of US troops lost. Medical advances mean that troops who would have died in the past are now saved, minus limbs, faces, etc. At any rate, the violence is escalating, not declining, so realistically, we’ll continue to lose more troops, as seems to be happening since the surge started. When compared to Viet Nam, we’re actually losing more troops now than we lost then at similar points in the war (in the 4th year). And how many Iraqis have been killed by us and in the civil war? Well, we don’t know because the US gov’t isn’t even trying to count.

    Look, Saddam was no Hitler and Iraq is no WWII. You can’t really compare the two because they are different types of war.

    I’m not quite sure I understand your 2nd paragraph, but if I can take a stab, most of the people we’re fighting in Iraq are Iraqis. foreign fighters are a fairly insignificant percentage of people we’re fighting in Iraq.

    As difficult as it may be to acknowledge, I still think the most accurate analogy is Viet Nam.