Remember The Alamo

Well, it looks like the successful project known as the Minutemen is looking to spread out a bit. The Minutemen are the folks who have been telling the government that the illegal immigration problem would be greatly lessened by putting more people on the borders. They then proceeded to demonstrate this in Arizona. They are working on taking a turn in California and in Texas.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said the patrols have done a great job and he would like to see them in California. The folks in Texas have different ideas. They do not want the Minutemen there. Seems that civil rights groups, clergy, and newspapers have “rolled up the welcome mats.” Isn’t that nice. The minutemen are not welcome but the illegal immigrants are. This is what Democratic State Senator Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa had to say:

“I think it’s a problem all of Texas has with having vigilante groups from other parts of the country come to our state to try to tell us how to run our business.”

OK, since this jack ass does not know it I will tell him. This is not Texas’ problem. This is the United State’s problem. These folks are entering your border into OUR country. If you lack the ability to keep them out then someone else needs to do it for you. Funny, when anyone talks about the border problem in Texas you folks all say that the Federal Government needs to send more people. Well here is a bunch that will work for free and you don’t want them. I hope you will remember that it was a bunch of people from other states that fought at the Alamo to gain Independence for Texas. Why would any jackass not want help? Perhaps it is because the illegals are more likely to vote democratic. And let’s not get into the argument as to whether they vote or not. We all know they do. You just won’t hear about it in a Michael Moore movie.

Now we even have groups calling the Minutemen racists. They are all racists because they want to keep people from entering our country illegally. Well then there are a lot more racists out there than I thought. If that is the criteria then I would have to be included because I believe we should arrest them and put them in a jail in the middle of the desert for a month before sending them home. Make it a tough ordeal so they think twice about trying to get back in. Of course, I think they should do that with anyone trying to get in illegally regardless of their nationality. Someone made the claim that they are racists because they are picking on the Mexicans but they leave the Canadians alone. Since when did illegal immigration from Canada become a problem? I am sure that there are some bad folks coming in up there but the southern border is much easier to cross. In addition, the Canadians come here legally and then go home. Those who come here to work do so the proper way. Perhaps if the Mexicans did the same thing there would not be a problem in the south either.

You can read about Texas just saying no to our sovereignty here.

One of these days some really bad person is going to walk across the Texas border and blow something up or release some methyl ethyl bad stuff and a lot of people will get sick or die. Then all these whack job people opposed to our sovereignty will be crying that someone should have done something.

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