Remarkably Healthy? And They Run Health Care…

The Department of Health and Human Services (the agency that is lead on Obamacare) says that the children illegally entering our country under Obama’s manufactured crisis are remarkably healthy.

These kids are bringing in lice, scabies, chicken pox, and who knows how many other diseases and HHS says they are remarkably healthy.

As I warned, there is another dimension that threatens the US and that is drug resistant tuberculosis. The illegals are bringing TB into the country and it is spreading among the close quartered population. These people are being transported all over the country and the diseases they carry are going along for the ride.

This puts unsuspecting Americans at risk as the sick people spread across the nation and infect people everywhere they go.

Nurses are reporting TB cases even as others downplay it and say it is not as bad as the nurses claim. Given the secrecy, lies, and gag orders as well as threats of arrest for speaking out I think the nurses are a more credible source of information.

As you see the reports and the denials from the HHS keep in mind that the HHS denied there were any cases of scabies…

This is the same agency that is responsible for implementing Obamacare.

Does it make you feel safer knowing that the agency in charge of your health care is denying that there are very sick children crossing our borders?

Does it make you feel any better knowing that HHS is allowing these sick people to be filtered into our general population?

When push comes to shove the HHS is a government agency that cares not one iota about your health or the care you receive.

Unless it is for abortifacients. Then it goes balls to the walls…

Be prepared America because the epidemics are one the way.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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