Religious Leaders Who Support Terrorism Are Terrorists

A radical cleric named Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed is a terrorist. This so called holy man is of the opinion that attacks like the one s that took place in London will continue until Britain pulls its troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. As we all know, that will not stop the attacks. It will only embolden a group of people who are hell bent on world domination and who would look at such an act as a sign of weakness.

I am not overly familiar with the religion of Islam but I am pretty sure a Cleric is supposed to be a religious leader. How can this religion call itself a peaceful religion when its holy leaders condemn killing innocent civilians on one hand and celebrate the WTC attacks on the other. How can this religion pass itself off as friendly and peace loving when they want to turn the entire world into a Muslim community? This man has said that he would like:

Britain to become an Islamic state but feared he would be deported before his dream was realized.
“I would like to see the Islamic flag fly, not only over number 10 Downing Street, but over the whole world,”

This is the view of the Islamic clerics and you can bet that when they preach this to the brainwashed youth in their religious cult that many of them take the same views. How else can these animals convince people to strap on bombs and blow themselves up? This man will tell you that killings are justified because of our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps he can tell us what justified all the killings prior to our involvement there? Britain should deport this terrorist and put him on a one way train to the sand box from which he crawled. Perhaps they could put a few of those bright jackasses who strap on bombs and blow themselves up on the train with him. The only place I want to see the Islamic Flag fly is over this Cleric’s casket.


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