Religion Of Peace My Ass (ROPMA)

The world is obsessed with telling us how peaceful the religion of Islam is despite the fact that Islam has one goal and that goal is to take over the world. They want Islam to be the only religion so we must either convert or be killed. Here are a few of the peaceful people from a few protests in Europe. Notice how tolerant they are.

Protest 1
Protest 4

I originally thought that the top picture must have been staged because often times these things are protests with signs in a native language and someone photo-shops things to make the protesters look evil. However, these are authentic as demonstrated by Snopes. The bottom picture is obviously real. This is the goal or as the Borg would say “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

We will see about that. In my world resistance is deadly.

So pray for the enemy but remain ever vigilant.

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