Religion of Peace at it Again

Well, we discussed the religion of peace in the past. It has been rammed down our throats that Islam is a religion of peace and that the insurgents (read terrorists) are just a radical faction. We have been told that our actions are responsible for this uprising and killing that has taken place. Hogwash!

The insurgents have taken a Catholic archbishop hostage. You can make all the claims you want about their reactions being about the way we treat them but you need to really reach out to come up with a valid reason these monstors took a religious man hostage. If these people were truly peaceful you would expect them to have left another holy man alone. Add this to the Imam’s instructions to kill and I think we have the answer about this peaceful BS.

Interestingly, the Vatican, who was against the war and wanted us to find a better way to deal with these troubled people is calling the abduction an act of terrorism. Imagine that. Now let this be a lesson to you boys and girls, the terrorists took a peaceful man hostage. This should put an end to that bunk about peace begets peace. This and other tripe do not match up to reality. Of course it is possible they will release him without harming him. That still does not mean they worked a peaceful solution. Peaceful religions do not abduct members of other religions.

The Vatican has no choice but to negotiate. They don’t have an Army. If they did I would not be surprised if Pope John Paul ordered them into battle to save the archbishop.

You can read the story here and the Vatican reaction here.

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5 Responses to “Religion of Peace at it Again”

  1. Adam says:

    Well, I guess you don’t consider Christianity a religion of peace? I consider it as much of a religion of peace as Islam. In fact, the majority of religions are peaceful. It is the manipulative factions that form inside that call for violence and war. Bin Laden, GeorgW. Bush, for example.

  2. nada says:

    >It is the manipulative factions that form inside that call for violence and war. Bin Laden, GeorgW. Bush, for example

    You’re offbase, Adam. You may not like that our country was founded on Christian principles and much of the left just hates it when GWB makes any mention of God, however, the last time I was in one, our churches were not actively soliciting suicide bombers when the collection plate was passed.
    Can’t say the same for Islamic places of worship that have become in many instances nothing more than hideouts and tactical centers or harbors for sleeper cells right here in the states.
    Can’t say the same their school systems either, unlike the US school system, which although educating some fine soldiers, and flawed in many ways, is not indoctrinating the entire American youth into a culture of hatred against other religions and countrys.
    That is certainly not the case for all of Islam, just as the KKK does not represent all of Christianity, however, if you had to tag the Religion with the more serious inside problem, and the one that were being used the most effectively to incite hatred, it wouldn’t be a tough call.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I think you, once again, miss the point Adam. The Islamo-fascists are inciting violence even though the archbishop was a non-violent person. This counters your argument that if one uses peace as their method then peace will break out.
    The last part about the Pope riding into battle is an analogy to what the US did. We, a nation that tried to live peacefully, were attacked and responded. The Pope would be just if he could so the same.
    The Bible reads there is a time for war and a time for peace. The problem is, the peaceniks don’t understand you can not have peace if you are not ready to wage war upon those who wouyld take peace from you.
    BTY, Christianity was not always a religion of peace. Many people who talk about the crusades will denoiunce the Christians of that era, and rightly so. Why is it so hard to do the same with regard to the Islamic religion as it currently stands?

  4. Adam says:

    Well, for some reason no matter how often I explain peace, your eyes must just roll up in your head every time. A peaceful Bishop being taken by hate filled people is not a counter to my argument. Of course you can’t go up to these maniacs with peace agreements. It’s too late for them. It’s not too late for the civilians of Iraq, and Afganistan, and possibly Iran who will witness American violence first hand, and keep scars forever from it. It is this violence of today that will create the violence of tomorrow.

    When has the United States ever tried to live in peace? Our foreign policy is not a policy at all, but just a set of wars.

    nada, I don’t agree that our nation was founded on Christian values. I won’t argue that we are a Christian nation mostly these days though. I hate it when GWB mentions God because the God I worship, which is the same one he claims to worship, teaches me to love one another, not wage war to make my friends rich.

  5. Big Dog says:

    My Bible tells me that God inspires Armys and that there are rules spelled out for war. In case you did not know it, for many years our foreign policy was that of isolationism. We were dragged into many wars. I hope you can not possibly believe that fighting Hitler was bad.
    We are the World’s only super power and that means we are a target for those who despise us. We were attacked and we fought back. This is not about oil or making friends rich. The COngress can do that without war. If it is for oil why is gas so expensive? If we wanted oil we could have gotten it from the Russians/French/Germans because they were skimming it.
    There are some things worth fighting for. So stand aside and let those willing to fight for what is right secure your freedom.