Reid Makes Hillary a Hsu in to Cheat

Hillary Clinton has had a bit of trouble with the honesty of her fund raising as indicated by a boy named Hsu as well as other events where she was illegally involved in the process (which was caught on video tape). The Federal Elections Commission has been pretty soft on her by fining one of her cronies for past indiscretions and a federal judge appointed by her husband might be looking the other way on the video tape deal but now it looks like it will not matter.

Harry Reid has decided to violate the Constitution and not allow a vote on four FEC appointments if they include a man named Hans von Spakovsky. Reid has stated that if von Spakovsky’s name is in the mix the Senate will not consider any of the nominees. The job of the President is to nominate people with the advice and consent of the Senate. It is not the Senate’s job to decide on who they will and will not vote on, it is its job to advise and consent. If they do not like the nominee then they are free to vote against the conformation.

This is an issue that will not likely be resolved in the near future and certainly not before the early primary caucuses and elections in January. This means that the candidates will have little or no oversight from the FEC. We have already seen what the Clintons do when there is oversight so it is not hard to imagine what they would be capable of if the oversight is lacking.

The Democrats in Congress have been an abysmal failure and there are only two reasons they just passed spending bills. They do not want to go home without passing the bills because they criticized the Republican majority for doing so last year and they just want to go home and enjoy their month long Christmas vacation. Harry Reid is an absolute failure and he could not lead a group of people out of a burning building.

Our Senators need to remember their place and do their damned jobs. The President runs the country. Senators serve their states so Harry Reid is not in a position to dictate the way the country runs and he is certainly not in a position to violate the Constitution because he does not like a person the President has nominated.

The Politico

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