Reid Him The Riot Act, Congress Attacks Limbaugh

Part of the problem with conservative talk radio is that it is popular and a lot of people listen to it. That is a problem if you are a liberal who wants to hide the truth from the public because conservative talk radio is there to pounce on the liberals when they are offensive to America, and that is just about all the time. Liberals hate conservative talk because they do not have their own following with regard to liberal talk radio. Very few liberal hosts exist and those that do have a fraction of the audience of someone like Rush Limbaugh.

Last week Rush was discussing the troops and when a caller said something about parading the troops against the war Rush mentioned phony soldiers. He then proceeded to discuss what he meant by referring to Jesse MacBeth, a person who did not make it through basic training but claimed to be a war vet. There are others but this is the one Limbaugh was referring to and anyone with a brain completely understood what he was talking about, and therein lies the problem. Liberals do not have a brain.

The Liberals jumped on Rush’s comments but took them completely out of context and ignored the fact that he was referring to a phony soldier. This is the “soldier” that ABC did a piece on and it is a fact that the guy is a phony. The liberals and their puppet masters at (I will not link to them) took a stinging backlash for the smear job done to General Petraeus and this is their chance to try and make things even. It is also part of their plot to silence the conservative hosts before the next election because the voice of talk radio exposes the liberals and this does not bode well for their plans.

Today, Harry Reid introduced a letter he wrote to the president of Clear Channel Communications demanding that Limbaugh apologize for his remarks about the troops. Reid displayed feigned indignation at Limbaugh’s remarks even though Reid would have to know by now that the remarks are not what he is making them to be. It is especially disturbing that Reid would be the one to introduce the letter. Reid has done nothing but bash our troops and he declared the war as lost. He has never supported the troops and this stunt is nothing more than an attempt to turn the tide of negativity that the Democrats have faced and that intensified with the MoveOn ad. Democrats know that they cannot win an intellectual battle and that their ideas are bad for America so they must attack anyone who stands in their way and who has become a thorn in their sides. Rush Limbaugh is a thorn the size of a railroad spike and he has pierced the hearts of many liberals by exposing them for the anti-American idiots that they are. This is nothing more than a smear campaign designed to silence a very vocal critic. It will not work.

Rush issued an apology today but it is not what Reid would like:

I want to apologize to all of the members of the United States Military, both in uniform and out, active duty and retired, for Media Matters for America. They will not apologize to you, and they will not apologize to me. I want to apologize to you on behalf of them. As all of you military personnel know, I, since of beginning of time and since the beginning of this program, certainly 19 years ago, have been one of the most ardent, loyal, in-awe supporters of any and all who wear the uniform — including those who disagree with the mission. Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is respected by the military and most in uniform appreciate all that he has done for the troops. He raises millions of dollars and he gives free subscriptions to them. He is always praising them and he has been a supporter for as long as I can remember. I happened across my first Limbaugh program sometime in the 80s and he was discussing a visit he had with some troops. He was discussing how hot it was and how he was sweating but the Sergeant Major with whom he was speaking had not broken a sweat, despite the temperature. Rush had nothing but praise for the men and women with whom he spoke and who he watched in training. That day, I became a Rush Limbaugh fan and people like Harry Reid will not be able to convince me that I am wrong about this man.

The Democrats have started this and it will backfire. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa took the floor and said that maybe Rush was high on drugs again, referring to Limbaugh’s past battle with pain medicine addiction. Have we ever heard Harkin say that Kennedy is probably drunk again when ole Teddy babbles on incoherently? No and we will not because the Democrats ignore their behavior and attack those with whom they disagree. Explain to me why it is that a guy like Patrick Kennedy can have a problem and seek treatment and he is a hell of a guy but Limbaugh seeks, and successfully completes, treatment and he is always referred to as being on drugs? It is a personal attack and it is low and someone should punch Harkin right in his mouth. I have no use for Harkin or Reid or any other Democrat and if anyone should be apologizing it is these twits. Reid is a festering pustule on the butt of America and he suffers brain damage from his stroke. It killed one of the two cells he actually has. Harkin is a pantie waisted twit who could not lead a group of people out of a burning building. Together these two do not have enough manhood to stand up for what they have to say and what they believe. Rush challenged them to quit hiding behind the speech and debate clause and the Senate microphones and to come on his show where they can have it out man to, well, twit. I am willing to bet that neither of these twits will accept that offer because they do not have the guts to back up what they say. They do not have the testicular fortitude to be men and stand by their words. They will run and hide like cockroaches suddenly caught in a light.

I stand by Limbaugh and what he said. As a 24 year veteran of the Army I do not have a problem with what he said about phony soldiers and I do not need any damned Democrat to act as if he speaks for me. Reid showed me what kind of a coward he is and I would not spend one moment fighting next to him. I would tie him up and give him to the enemy though I would be arrested for violating some law about torture. The liberals have their panties in a wad and want Limbaugh pulled from Armed Forces Radio. Why don’t we let the troops decide who they would like to listen to?

Reid said that he hoped that Republicans would sign his letter. I demand that they do not. I demand that they have some principles and censure Reid for his stupidity. I demand that this House Resolution be what Republicans sign on to.

Rush Limbaugh exposes the left for the intolerant idiots they are.

Interestingly, a commenter named Lefty at Think Progress wrote (with regard to this fuss):

I think I’m going to go around town b!tchslapping any Republican I see and call it “enchanced [sic] manhood challenges”.

Lefty, please pick me to be your first subject. You might reach over with your full arm but you will certainly draw back a bloody nub. If you would like to see manhood, slap some of the Republicans I know. There will not be enough of you left to get a DNA identification. If you want to discuss manhood, perhaps you could contact Harkin or Reid and ask them why they do not go on Rush’s show. Lefty is a liberal idiot who would get beat up shadow boxing.

Folks, this is an all out smear campaign. Murtha did it to the Marines and Reid and his maggots are doing it to Limbaugh. Let us all call Harry Reid (202-224-3542) and Tom Harkin (202-224-3254) and let them know what we think.

Harry Reid, keep this in mind you little snot rag. Rush Limbaugh has the number one syndicated show in the country. Congress has an 11% approval rating. No matter how bad you might think Rush is, you are much, much worse and I am willing to bet more people believe and trust what he has to say than do you…

Big Dog

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9 Responses to “Reid Him The Riot Act, Congress Attacks Limbaugh”

  1. irtexas44 says:

    These dimwits are just so repulsive there are no words to describe them.

    I hope I have some one to tell me that I have to go to San Fran or Oakland for a project. I can’t wait to tell them no and give them my reason. If It’s not good enough for the Marines then there is no way it’s good enough for me. I think that next time these to cheap jokes for cities ask for help from the NG that they are told “I sorry we aren’t allowed in your cities”. “Try Iamabigwad, maybe he can help you or send out the gays dressed like the military and see if they can pull off a tough stance”.

  2. irtexas44 says:

    As far as Reidhimler he needs new reading glasses. What a disgusting little man. Millions of dollars in scam money on realistate deals and all records being missing or misplaced is his answer. And then the KKK head is totally out of reach of reality.

  3. bleecherama7 says:

    We love you Big Dog.Keep up the good work.We at Move on are still counting all the extra money from donations as a result off all the fuss.keep up the goood work even though your party is going the way of the Whigs we still need good comedy like this site to keep us motivated.Big kisses to you and yours from all of us on the left We love you guys

  4. Big Dog says:

    Hey, Bleecherama’s mommy let him back in the basement.

  5. Polishsniper says:

    I would love to see Rush go to the senate floor and tell that bastard Harry Reid to go SCREW HIMSELF and the rest of the democrat party. They show the only reason for trying to destroy talk radio is to win the 2008 election. They don’t care what they say or who they destroy in the process.The Clintons and the far left are behind all this to put her into the White House. When is this nation going to wake up to the most dangerouis woman in America.

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  7. Cao's Blog says:

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    It’s Hillary that’s behind this Limbaugh thing; you can tell when she titters on television about how atrociously she and Bill have been treated by the conservative right. I wonder what the relatives of the dead people they’ve left i…

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