Refocus Debate to Black on Black Violence

In my last post I wrote about the Sean Bell incident and the threats by Al Sharpton and others to close down New York City. The tension is mounting in New York and now Congressman John Conyers of Michigan has flown to Queens to join those who will participate in civil disobedience after the officers involved in the shooting were all found not guilty. Conyers and others are in contact with the US Justice Department asking that they file federal charges against the officers. It seems to me that this is the business of the state of New York and the federal government does not belong meddling in it. If charges are brought, ever cop in New York should walk off the job and let Al Sharpton and John Conyers try to keep the peace.

There was a meeting on Sunday where people noted that Bell was one name on a long list of people who were victims of police brutality. A person named Clarke [not otherwise identified in the article] had an interesting thing to say:

“The scales of justice are out of balance,” Clarke said to applause as some in the audience hissed that the scales were never balanced to begin with. “We will not see another generation of African-American men being shot down without there being justice. We will be focused like a laser until justice rains down.” WCBSTV

Let me clear this up for all the race baiters who are involved in this. The shooting of Sean Bell was, no doubt, tragic but he was drunk and did not obey the police who feared for their lives after Bell rammed one of their cars. His accomplices have been involved in gun crimes before and were believed to have guns. This one case does not equal many cases and while there have been reports of police brutality (against all races) they are rare when compared to the number of encounters police have with criminals.

What these race baiters need to do to keep another generation of African Americans from being shot down is to police their own. The major US cities are filled with young black men who are killing each other every single day. Black on black crime is out of control and blacks are killing hundreds of their own people every single day. There were nearly 300 murders in Baltimore City last year and the overwhelming majority of them were black men killed by other black men.

If these so called leaders want to end the violence against blacks in communities across America all they need do is stop young black men from killing each other. Bill Cosby has tried to address this issue and he was shunned for airing the dirty laundry of the black community. The problem is real and all too common in those very communities. About 70% of black households have one parent and the impact of gangster rap on young black men cannot be discounted.

If Sharpton and Conyers want to make an impact they need to start in the major cities across this country and encourage black men to stop killing each other. More black men will be killed by other black men this year than will be killed by the police.

If you want brutality, look no farther than your own communities.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Refocus Debate to Black on Black Violence”

  1. Funny how a libtard blogger who should remain nameless can start a blog for the purpose of slinging insults and “pretending to know something” about issues that matter, (and because you delete his ignorant comments!!)… and here you have all these meaningful posts to Debunk… and he has the one about Hillary and the CoUNT sign on his stupid cesspool blog like it was a major issue he is “debunking you on”. Where do all the retarded dimwits come from Dog???? LOL!!!

    You do have some very good posts up. Just stopping by and checking in. :-)

    HoosierArmyMoms last blog post..Fuel prices rising – I wasn’t off by far according to this forecast

  2. GodsModernDayMartyr says:

    Dog! You are always so right! Your article is a simple, to the core, recommendation that will actually WORK! But, who’s listening? The Black race will never own up to their own faults. It’s always our fault. Even after 3 damn generations. Well guess what? I see a scapegoat in the black community by the name of Rev. Wright. It’s people like him who are contributing to the downfall, instead of uniting and fixing it!