Reflections From The Mall In DC

Beautiful Child

Let’s be clear up front. The rally on 8-28 was NOT a TEA Party event and it was not a political event. I get tired of the news reporting it as one of these two things (or both).

I was at the Restoring Honor Rally on 8-28. Participating in it was one of the best moments of my life as I met thousands upon thousands of people who were put out in any way imaginable but who remained pleasant and courteous. The lines for the trains were long and the wait time to get on one was nearly 2 hours and this is true for many of the outlying stations. But people stood in line, conversed with each other, moved a little bit and then stood and talked some more. I know that there is no way that all of those folks made it to the event on time and I am certain that quite a few did not make it at all but they never complained.

It was great being around so many like minded people who were interested in God and Country. People who came a long way to show support and to ensure the honor of this nation was restored. People who never got angry, who waited in lines patiently, who offered food and drink to strangers, people who helped others who needed it. These were the people who attended the rally and they came in many shapes, sizes, sexes, and colors. Yes, there were people of color there, as if that should matter. I am willing to bet that there were more people of color at this event than the one Al Sharpton put on.

I hate to mention the color aspect of it because it should not matter. No one questions a rally Sharpton holds when it has a nearly all black audience. No one questions any event that contains any minority in numbers well above the representation within the general population but let a rally consist of mostly white people and there is a racist element assigned to the crowd. Forget the fact that nearly 80% of the population is white because that does not matter. Forget the fact that there were a lot of non white people at this event because that does not matter. The only thing that matters is how quickly the MSM and the left (but I repeat myself) can scream about how angry and racist these people are.

Would it really matter if every single person in attendance was white? In other words, is it too much to ask that the crowd of people be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin?

It is a shame that the liberal talking heads painted this group as a bunch of angry white people who cannot get over a black man running the country. It is a shame because the so called angry people at this event, which was at least a half a million strong, registered NOT ONE SINGLE ARREST. The police reported NO trouble from any of them. The people at this rally were good people who do good things.

The Mall was clean when they left. People brought their own trash bags to clean up and they gave them to people who needed them. People policed up after themselves and then made sure that any stray garbage was collected and thrown away. The trash was neatly piled around the trash cans around the area. Late Saturday afternoon as the last people were leaving no one could tell that 500,000 people had occupied the area only hours earlier. Contrast this with any rally held by liberal groups and the difference is like night and day. The government is still paying the bills for the clean up of DC after the Obama coronation. The people who attended that left a mess, They soiled the Nation’s Capitol because they have no respect and they have been brought up to believe government will care for you. Don’t worry about the garbage, some gubmint employee will pick up after you.

Glenn Beck had several callers to his radio show who told stories of things that happened to them. One black woman who is sight impaired and has trouble with mobility came from out of town. She had a scooter to get around on but was having trouble. A white family helped her find the elevator to get to the train platform, helped her on the train and stayed with her throughout the entire event to make sure she was OK. This help came from a family of complete strangers and people the media wants you to believe are racists.

Then there was a call from a woman who said that when she and her husband had made their way to the area on the left of the Monument her husband asked her if his wallet was in her purse. She said that it was not. She said she only had two dollars on her and that is all they had to get around on. A man overheard her and asked if the husband’s wallet had been lost. When they told him of their situation he handed her some rolled up money and told her to take it. They both said they could not but were reassured by the man that he was doing OK and wanted them to have it. When they unrolled the money it was four $100 bills. They were very happy and hugged the man who helped them out.

Later that day the husband was called by the police. Someone found his wallet and turned it in. When he collected it all of his money, credit cards and other items were still in the wallet.

These are but a few of the stories that came out of the event. Genuine people doing the right thing. Unfortunately, none of this will matter to those who like to paint any opposition as racist and angry. But who is really angry in all of this. While painting the conservatives as angry liberals come off with some of the most vile and anger filled rants one can imagine. Actor John Cusak Tweeted:


Ed Schultz of PMSNBC described all the violent things he would like to do to those who attended the rally, those at FOX and the people who are opposed to the Obama agenda. He also called the rally participants old, white racists. Schultz is the one with anger management problems.

And though it does not relate to this event, how about Director James Cameron and his desire to call global warming deniers out in the street at high noon and shoot them? Seems to me the anger on the left is widespread.

And has there ever been a time when Keith Olbermann is not angry?

These are the people with anger management problems.

Fortunately, the people who showed up for the Restoring Honor Rally are not like that and the fact they are not is driving the left nuts. They all had their talking points and their reports were all the same but they can’t get over the fact that no one was arrested and that people were peaceful. They can’t get over the fact that they left the place cleaner than when they got there.

The world saw that the people opposed to big government and who want our honor restored are not at all like they are painted each and every day by the media. The picture on the screen and the actions of those involved cast even more doubt on the integrity of the Lame Stream Media.

As Glenn Beck stated on his TV show; “You (those attending) won.”

As for angry old white people, does the person at the top of this post look old, angry or white? Does she look like she cares about color (wouldn’t we all be better off if we did not care about it as well)?

And isn’t she one of the most adorable children you have ever seen? She is one of the faces of America. She is our future and she deserves much better than what we are passing on.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Reflections From The Mall In DC”

  1. Blake says:

    I, unfortunately, could not attend, but the snippets I saw were of polite people who came to be with others of faith- and I saw Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants- and the one thing they all had in common, was love for this country that has enabled them to have a life where they could raise their children in relative security, and give them and their heirs the OPPORTUNITY to succeed, and thrive beyond the capacity of their parents. And, in the end, that is the most potent attraction of this country- the USA gives everyone the opportunity to worship as they wish, live as they wish, and succeed in whatever business they can want to succeed at- no longer are you limited to doing whatever your father or grandfather did- if you have hopes and dreams, here is the place to realize them, and that is a potent attraction for a country.