Referee Michael Carey Should Be Fired

Jackass referee Michael Carey Mr. Cool Jackass Mike Carey

I happen to be a football fan and though I like my team to win, I can accept when they lose. What I can not accept is when the officials screw things up so badly that a team suffers. Mike Carey, the referee in today’s Ravens-Lions game was terrible. He blew an incomplete pass call and ruled it a fumble. This led to a Lions score, one they should not have had. In addition, this idiot had an instant replay to correct his mistake and he still got it wrong. He and his crew made a lot of bad calls and the frequency increased when he was inadvertently bumped by a player. A defenseman from Baltimore made a clean hit on the quarterback just as he was releasing the ball. They called it unnecessary roughness (and what is necessary roughness). When the defensive player went to say something to the Carey his face mask might have brushed him. Replays on TV were inconclusive but one thing is for sure, there was no INTENTIONAL contact.

Mike Carey has been a horrible referee since he has been in the league. It seems that every week he and his crew blow call after call. People pay a lot of money to see these games and they expect that the people officiating them will be somewhat competent. After the bumping incident it was obvious the referees were calling penalties for BS things. It appeared to me that after the “bumping” incident, Carey was determined to make the Ravens pay. He influenced that game and any referee who intentionally influences a game does not belong in the league. He is a poor excuse for an official.

I realize that I am biased because my team was effected. I will say that Brian Billick, the Ravens coach, made a comment about officiating several years ago and they have never given him a break since. I have always maintained that most officials are pretty good and get it right most of the time. Most of them will use replay to make sure the call is right. Carey, on the other hand, is a boob who has this problem with his manhood so he decides that he needs to exert his authority to smack down the players. I personally wish that contact had been a little harder and knocked that jackass out of the game. Then he could be replaced with someone who actually know what is going on. Though in that crew it would have been difficult to get someone who fit that bill. All of them were blowing call after call. They gave the Lions a touchdown when it was clear he did not cross the goal line. The replay did not show that he made it across and the ref who made the call did not make it until he ran across the field to look. It is evident that he did not see it cross.

Anyway, I do not usually write about football because this is not a sports blog. But after seeing the poor excuse for officiating that took place in Michigan today, I had to write about the dumb ass Mike Carey and his officiating crew. I might just make this a weekly thing to point out his incompetence. Until then, here are some other instances of the incompetence of Carey and his crew.


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