I received my American Legion Newsletter and there is an article in it about Red Friday. I am reprinting it here (since they said get the word out):

You will soon see a lot of people wearing Red on Fridays. Here’s why……The Americans who support our troops are the silent majority. We are not “organized” to reflect who we are or what our opinions are. Many Americans, like yourself, and all their friends, simply want to recognize that Americans support our troops. Our idea of showing our solidarity and support for our troops is starting Friday and continuing on each and every Friday, until this is over, that every red blooded American who supports our young men and women,


Word of mouth, press, TV, let’s see if we can make the United States on any given Friday, a sea of RED much like a home football game at a University. If everyone of our membership shares this with other acquaintances, fellow workers, friends, and neighbors, I guarantee it will not be long before the USA will be covered in RED-and let our troops know that there are many people thinking of their well-being. You will fell better all day Friday when you wear RED! So let’s get the word out and lead by example; wear RED on Friday. Please inform everybody you know!!

There you have it from the American Legion. Fridays are now RED clothing day in support of our troops. So dig out that red shirt or cap and let’s make this nation a sea of red that looks like the election map!

You have your orders.

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