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On 19 May the Gathering of Eagles conducted Operation Recruiter Appreciation. This was a day where Eagles showed up at recruiting stations all across the country and provided food and drinks for recruiters and expressed just how much we appreciate what they do. The recruiters were very appreciative and I am sure they felt good knowing that there are true patriots who appreciate what our military does for us and what the recruiters do for the military.

Recruiters have changed over the years. When I joined the Army in 1980 my recruiter was interested in getting the enlistment and though he did everything by the book, after I signed up I only heard from him when it was time to take my tests and when it was time to go to basic training. Today’s recruiters are very involved in the lives of the young men and women who they will enlist into a job that might very well put the enlistee in harm’s way. These recruiters have a sense of responsibility not only to the enlistee but to the enlistee’s family. Tonight I witnessed such recruiters.

My nephew David and friend Josh graduated from high school. I was unaware that Josh had joined the Marines but I soon found out. I was sitting there taking pictures when a Marine walked in and sat near us. When I noticed him I did what I do for all service members I see, I shook his hand and thanked him for his service to our country. Then I asked him if he had someone graduating and he told me yes. He said he had two graduates who had enlisted. He told me that he was the boss at the recruiting station and that one of his recruiters had enlisted two people from the graduating class. About that time the other recruiter arrived and I greeted him as well.

They told me they were there to support their enlistees and to share in the accomplishment of graduation. They then told me they would be staying for the second graduation (there were two schools using the college to have their ceremonies) to do the same for an enlistee they had from another school. Then they realized that neither of them had a camera. I offered to take their pictures and email them to them and they accepted. I asked for the names so I would know who to take the picture of and that is when I found out that they had enlisted Josh.

When the ceremony was over the recruiter who enlisted Josh stayed and spoke with him and his parents and then had some photos taken with them. He told Josh that he would call him in a few days to check on him and that he planned on keeping in contact throughout his basic training and that he would help him with whatever he needed. This was a far cry from the recruiters who were portrayed in the film Stripes or Private Benjamin.

I was proud to see these fine young men taking their Friday night to share in a joyous occasion with their enlistees. They could have easily moved on once the name was on the paper, but that is not the kind of work that our recruiters do so professionally each and every day.

These recruiters had people with them who I believed to be family. If this is so it says a lot about the recruiting community and this is why ORA was just a small token for the great jobs these folks do. I give a Big Dog salute to both of these fine Marines for a job well done.

This is what taking care of the troops is all about.

As an aside, during the graduation the Principal asked that students who were jointing the military, police force, fire department or Emergency Medical Service to stand up. About 35 students stood. The only group larger was the group going to college. Those joining a service received an outstanding round of applause (as did those going to college).

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Recruiters Show Support”

  1. Smokey says:

    Amen BD, and make sure your nephew and his friend know that they are in my prayers from here out!

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  3. One can get concerned over all the whackjobs ‘dissin’ those who rise to the occasion, whether actively involved in service or doing what they can to support those direclty involved.
    This past Memorial Day, those who voice the wrong message were overshadowed by the immense support from what may be the quiet majority. I suppose it has always been that way.
    But I am glad it appears from time to time although not as often as the media gives play to the other form of expression.
    The most apalling is when it comes from ‘public servante’.
    Thanks for an additional faith strengthening report.